Metal Closures machines

Metal Closures machines

Crown caps, Aluminum Closures, pull-ring caps

A global technological leadership that has its roots in the best SACMI tradition.

With over fifty years’ experience in designing and building machines for the packaging industry, and skills which extend well beyond machines and process, we are an industry leader and the perfect partner for both the provision of complete and tailor-made solutions, and supplier of stand-alone machines to suit specific market requirements.

Our products


Crown Caps production systems

Simplicity, practicality, low cost: three key advantages offered by crown caps, a vital beverage industry accessory since 1891 and, in many ways, a solution that remains inimitable.


Aluminum ROPP Caps production systems

SACMI machines are engineered to produce ropp (roll-on pilfer proof) caps that are cost-effective, provide an effective seal (and barrier), are compatible with contents, easily opened by the consumer, are often reclosable and comply with product, packaging and environmental laws and regulations.

Aluminum Closures production machines with plastic TE band

They maximize protection for both the product and the consumer. A plastic tamper evidence band ensures "original product" security and allows trouble-free opening and reclosing; this special-format cap also ensures easier, safer handling. From a manufacturing view, production processes are smooth and efficient.

Ring-Pull Caps production machines

Practical and stylish, 26 mm pull-ring aluminum caps offer outstanding user-friendliness: to open the bottle just tug the ergonomically shaped ring. 

Vision Systems

Process control is an essential part of SACMI's machines and production lines. For this reason, since 1986, the Vision Systems department has been developing Computer Vision sensors and techniques that guarantee 100% quality of metal closures, through integrated systems and stand-alone machines.

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Vision Systems

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