Ceramika Paradyż partners with SACMI to build «Europe’s most modern line»

Ceramika Paradyż partners with SACMI to build «Europe’s most modern line»

At the heart of the order - for a technologically innovative project co-funded by the EU - lies the Continua+ PCR 3000, the most powerful compactor in SACMI’s range for the production of slabs and tiles of varying size and thickness.

Ceramika Paradyż is a family-run business and one of Poland’s leading ceramic tile producers, with a share of the national market bordering on 25%. The company is mainly involved in technology and innovation for the interior design field. For 32 years it has been a leading designer, creating and delivering unique, innovative, high quality products for customers in nearly 50 countries.

As part of a technological innovation project co-funded by the European Union, Ceramika Paradyż has just started up a brand new demo line for the manufacture of large ceramic tiles and slabs, including products with through-body veining.

The heart of the line is the PCR 3000. The most powerful compactor in the SACMI Continua+ family, it can produce - with outstanding versatility and performance - differently sized slabs as thick as 3 cm. Through-body veining is a key aspect of this machine, as it lets manufacturers perfectly coordinate the colored powders deposited upstream from the compactor with any digital decoration on the unfired slab.

Previously unavailable on the Polish market, this technology was rewarded with a European tender in which Paradyż participated as part of a plan to expand its product portfolio, to which 7 new collections were recently added in partnership with key international fashion and design players.

“This technology has led to the establishment of Europe’s most advanced line”, explained Piotr Tokarski, president of Ceramika Paradyż. “It allows us to produce tiles ranging in size from 60x60 cm to 120x280 and even as large as 180x320 cm, as thin as 6 mm or as thick as 3 cm. Moreover, some formats offer through-the-body decoration”. In short, not just slabs but an entire product family that can be produced in a coordinated manner via a multi-format approach, all thanks to the unique characteristics of SACMI Continua+.

“The company has focused on development ever since its founding, constantly adapting the product portfolio to meet fast-changing market needs”, adds Adam Tępiński, co-owner of Ceramika Paradyż. This project, Tępiński points out, “is a milestone not just for the development of our company but the ceramic industry as a whole”.

Overall the project is valued at over 125 million PLN. Of that, over 50 million PLN was granted to Ceramika Paradyż by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, co-financed by the EU. The project is also part of the “Fast track” tender for large companies and consortia run by the National Research and Development Center.

Together with the Continua+, the project includes a full array of technological solutions, from compaction to end-of-line. More specifically, alongside the PCR 3000, SACMI has supplied the dryer, the kiln, the handling systems and the glazing and sorting lines.

The order also includes SACMI’s DHD1408 digital decorator; featuring a host of innovative systems, this unit allows perfect coordination with in-body decoration to make products with through-body veining. Moreover, farsighted management has ensured highly effective coordination between the various departments, allowing the project to be completed with installation of SACMI-BMR grinding and finishing lines.

In conclusion, the last few days saw the satisfying completion of the first start-up tests, so a photo of the team from the Ceramika Paradyż Production Department is a must...

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