Multi-packaging lines for the beverages industry

Multi-packaging lines for the beverages industry

One platform for versatile handling of multiple materials and formats

In parallel with the development of emerging sectors and markets, SACMI has developed a platform for managing different types of packs with a single machine

Combined filling for bottles. The ideal solution for a flexible and dynamic market

SACMI presents the new combined filling system for bottles (glass or aluminium) and cans


Two-in-one filling

The monoblock is composed of a rinsing machine and a filler which, thanks to a quick format changeover system, can process both bottles and cans followed by a bottle capping machine and a standard can seaming machine. 


Four-in-one machine block

The idea of "two-in-one" filling is realised thanks to an innovative "four-in-one machine block" (rinsing machine + filler + capping machine + seamer). The system has a range of fillers ranging from 12 to 50 filling valves, can cover speeds ranging from 10,000 to 24,000 bph/cph in the 33 cl format.


Hygiene, flexibility, ease of use

The system, equipped with all the measures necessary to guarantee perfect beer quality - such as flushing and pre-evacuation - is electronically controlled by means of flow meters, resulting in a high level of hygiene, flexibility and ease of use for the operator. 


Robust and reliable

As per Sacmi tradition, the monoblock is sturdy, easy to maintain and compatible with the seaming machines produced by all the most qualified manufacturers. 

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