SACMI SBF rotary blow moulding machine

SACMI SBF rotary blow moulding machine

The new SACMI frontier for efficient and flexible blow moulding management

From small and medium formats, with the advantages of 'double cavity', to the new XL range for managing all types of packs on the market

Double cavity, double speed

The distinguishing feature of the SBF rotary blow moulder is the possibility to mould containers in double cavities, on the same mould, up to a maximum external diameter of 75 mm: the concept is expressed by the symbol 1B=2b. This solution allows to optimise the number of cavities of the machine according to the real needs of the downstream filler. The 1B=2b concept allows extremely high production speeds to be reached on medium-small formats, maintaining very low rotation speeds of the blowing carousel, and therefore less wear and tear of the mechanical and pneumatic components.

Double cavity, double speed

Top-of-the-range productivity

Up to 80,000 bph in standard half-litre format

The range of rotary blow moulding machine of the SBF line, from 6 up to 24 blowing stations, is at the top of its category, guaranteeing production of more than 80,000 bottles an hour on the standard format of half a liter. One big advantage is the possibility for every machine to install a single cavity mould for large dimension (up to 3L) bottles or a double cavity mould for small dimension (up to 0.6L) bottles. The change of format from single to double cavity (and vice versa) is extremely fast and simple to carry out. This means production rates of more than 3,000 small dimension bottles per hour per station are possible.

The Sacmi SBF blow moulders have been designed to be easily installed in "COMBO" with the Sacmi fillers, operating in electronic synchronisation without any manual synchronisation activity. The two machines are managed by a single operator interface. The great compactness and ease of use makes this solution extremely interesting and advantageous for those who want to limit, as much as possible, the number of operators on the bottling line and reduce the risk of contaminating the bottles.
In fact, they remain in an isolated environment from their blowing to the capping, thus preventing the risk of contamination.


Double cavity

In the configuration up to 3 litres, there is the possibility of moulding in double cavity, doubling the productivity and/or optimising the use of the machine according to the real needs of the filler


Limited Footprint

The new XL range is also distinguished by its limited footprint, allowing easy installation on both new systems and existing lines


Innovative mould management system (SBF XL)

With the new XL range, the automatic mould lifting system reduces changeover times and increases operator safety


Low maintenance, low consumption

The machine's design features allow it to be quickly installed on existing lines. Thanks to the double cavity system, the SBF's consumption is always optimised according to the needs of the filling line.

Soffiatrice - SBF

SBF - Blow moulding machine

Rotary blow moulding machine for bottles up to 3 litres

Double cavity, double speed. The system offers the possibility of moulding in double cavities on the same mould, optimising the machine's use according to the real needs of the filler.

Soffiatrice – SBF 4XL

SBF XL - Blow moulding machine

Rotary blow moulding machine for bottles up to 12 litres

The complete solution for larger formats is the SACMI SBF range, already at the top of the market for its recognised qualities of efficiency, productivity and low consumption. Limited footprints, short installation times, energy efficiency and low maintenance are the added values for the customer, advantages that, with the XL range, are completed with the automated system for changing the mould by means of a lifter.

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