SACMI Finishing&Sorting solutions, the market’s most versatile proposal for a ready-to-use ceramic plant

SACMI Finishing&Sorting solutions, the market’s most versatile proposal for a ready-to-use ceramic plant

A truly smart tile and slab finishing line – with everything from SACMI-BMR 4.0 squaring-finishing solutions to the new Ekosort Dinamica - plus a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ‘picture and build’ a truly integrated line. SACMI’s international webcast attracts over 400 participants from 53 countries.

Over 400 participants from 53 countries attended the third episode of SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days. Held on 28th January, the event took an in-depth look at all the latest from SACMI on the squaring, finishing and sorting fronts.
Adaptive, high performance, smart: three keywords that describe a SACMI-developed ‘solutions set’ that ensures digital control of the entire plant. The outcome: a ready-to-use ceramic factory and make-to-order management of production flows.
Squaring, lapping and finishing lines
The first part of the webcast focused on solutions by BMR, a key SACMI partner company that has led the way in the design of sanding, lapping, treatment, squaring, chamfering and cutting systems for over 50 years.
TOP Squadra Dry 4.0 is a digital squaring line that, thanks to an advanced video camera system and electronic machining control, maximizes performance while reducing changeover times. This solution allows automatic machining control from remote workstations and features dynamic removal cone adaptation to match the incoming size.
High-performance and sustainable, Top Squadra Dry offers all the advantages of the SACMI-BMR dry squaring process and can be integrated with cutting-edge surface treatment solutions; these range from the tried and tested Leviga and Leviga Plus to the innovative SuperShine, a super-polishing unit for tiles. The only polisher on the market to combine a mechatronic process with a chemical reaction, SuperShine provides better surface protection, increases gloss and boosts resistance to aggression from external substances.
Developed and tested by the market’s top players, BMR SuperShine takes the ‘semi-finished products’ concept to the next level as their physical and functional characteristics are rendered independent of their intended end use (flooring, cladding, technical surfaces).
Ekosort Dinamica
Moving on from finishing to sorting, the webcast illustrated all the advantages of Ekosort Dinamica, the last word in smart sorting systems for slabs and tiles of every type and shape.
Flexible and highly productive with small-medium sizes, Ekosort Dinamica offers dynamic control of production queues thanks to independent software-guided control of the picker/feed carriages that move inside the carousel.
As product size varies, in fact, the machine automatically adapts the number of picking carriages to ensure efficient, safe, high performance picking (one carriage for products up to 60x60 cm and up to 4 carriages for large slabs), with digital, adaptive synchronization of the different tasks.
With Ekosort Dinamica, digital control of the process makes size changeovers fully automatic, maximizing stacking and sorting efficiency whatever the production scenario. The result? Maximum speed with small-medium sizes (up to 130 pieces per minute for 20x20 and 30x30 cm) and optimal performance on all sizes up to 120x180 cm. Moreover, manufacturers can take a gradual approach to investment thanks to greater machine modularity and configurability.
Integrated line and digital twin simulations
The opportunities don’t end there. Thanks to unrivalled plant engineering expertise, SACMI has come up with a new solution that integrates the squaring, finishing and sorting stages to smooth the transition from a Make-To-Stock flow management logic to a Make-To-Order one.
This plant engineering solution - co-developed by SACMI and customers to provide an alternative to traditional ‘island’ configurations - is designed to respond to new market needs, namely: optimization of logistics, shorter production lead times and a smaller footprint.
Thanks to continuous flow monitoring, automated settings and the outstanding flexibility and integration of the machines, achievable results include dynamic batch changeovers that can be completed in just 10 minutes.
Already installed by a leading Italian player, this SACMI solution also makes use of the advantages of digital twin simulations, which allow quick, accurate, early assessment of the main plant KPIs at the design stage.
Digital simulation is becoming ever-more important. This is because it drastically reduces development times, allowing identification of the best line set-up together with customers, and lets them run prompt real-world verifications on simulated performance thanks to interconnection with the SACMI HERE supervisor.
The result: a real line that, over time, is coordinated with its ‘digital twin’ to obtain the very best in terms of efficiency, performance, monitoring and control of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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