Aesthetic r-evolution by SACMI

Aesthetic r-evolution by SACMI

Fourth event in the Ceramic Innovation Days series to be held on 9 February 2021. SACMI presents the new Deep Digital Line, which fully integrates glazes, effects and materials to offer a new digital decoration concept that involves every stage of the production process.

Part four of SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days, a series of international meetings illustrating new technologies and opportunities for each stage of the ceramic manufacturing process is just around the corner. The new SACMI Deep Digital Line – which "vertically digitalizes" the entire process, from forming to post-kiln applications - is set to play a starring role in the event (9 February 2021, 09:00 and 15:00 CET).
By expanding the digital decoration concept from stand-alone solutions (machines and technologies) to digital control of the entire process, this line aims to achieve nothing less than an “Aesthetic r-evolution”. Even at the initial raw material preparation and forming stages, SACMI Deep Digital Line lets manufacturers merge surface and through-the-body applications.
Moreover, being able to implement advanced digital vision, tracking and synchronization (e.g. coordination of pre-forming decoration with in-line digital printing) at these early stages lets manufacturers use the full potential of digital glazing and decoration.
From the DHD (for flexible, high performance application of inks and glazes) to the DDG, a revolutionary SACMI unit that merges the application of glazes, inks and materials into a single process, over the years, SACMI has developed solutions of increasingly high performance to meet every market demand.
The new 12-bar DHD demonstrates this perfectly: not only does it offer fully independent control of the ink and effects application units and ‘native’ multi-resolution control, it’s also compatible with the latest generation of water-based inks, making the decoration process more sustainable.
The entire SACMI digital decoration line is controlled by HERE software. Specifically designed for ceramic plants, this SACMI-developed software combines advanced MES functions with accurate performance and efficiency (KPI) monitoring at every single stage.
Moreover, on the decoration line HERE works in synergy with CRONO, the digital graphics piloting system that, even at the preview stage, allows perfect matching of virtual graphics and finished product; this makes management of small lots and just-in-time production more efficient and eliminates the need for physical tests.
This approach condenses an incredible variety of application sequences into a single, high-performance, flexible ‘ecosystem’ that responds to market trends in terms of both the ‘uniqueness’ of the ceramic product and the ability to produce large volumes while optimizing performance and TCO.
The event is reserved for SACMI’s customers and partners. To take part in the webinar it is necessary to register on the platform.

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