SACMI «Maestro» Taking ceramic firing into the future

SACMI «Maestro» Taking ceramic firing into the future

Quality, zero defects, low consumption and emissions, plus greater versatility thanks to new digital set-ups. The latest range of SACMI kilns is set to play a starring role on February 24th in the fifth event of the Ceramic Innovation Days series

Quality, low consumption, health and safety, environmental-friendliness: key variables for evaluating the firing process in a modern ceramic factory, a process that will be the focus of the fifth Ceramic Innovation Day, to be held on February 24th, 2021. Now, with its new ‘Maestrokiln range, SACMI has brought together its decades of unrivalled experience in ceramic plant engineering, a success story that has seen over 3000 kilns sold worldwide.
Maestro in quality. Uniform color tones, uniform size, perfect planarity: these are the variables that count when it comes to assessing the firing process. With the new Maestro kiln range, that process now has zero defects from beginning to end. Today’s challenge of ensuring consistency and repeatability at all times goes hand in hand with the incredible variety of products, sizes and decorations.
New high-speed burners, advanced (patented) systems that ensure accurate process control, uniform temperatures in the firing chambers and controlled cooling are just some of the major innovations now available. Together, they ensure optimal stability whatever the working conditions of the kiln, allowing for diversified product mixes and seamless control of gaps in material flows.
Maestro in consumption. Reliability and ergonomics, quality and consumption: interrelated variables, which, with the new Maestro range by SACMI, mean significantly lower kiln consumption (up to 7% less, equal to several tens of thousands of euros per year at current prices for a medium-size factory). How? By optimizing heat exchange with the product through more effective combustion fume control, but also by employing a new generation of burners that lets manufacturers set lower minimums, thus avoiding waste.
From a plant engineering perspective - an area in which SACMI is unmatched - this translates into much lower emissions and lets producers, thanks to integration with heat recovery systems, power other machines on the line (e.g. meeting the full energy requirements of the dryers). The result? Overall drying and firing energy savings can top 25%.
Maestro in flexibility. With Maestro, SACMI has engineered new controls that allow more versatile, more efficient control of differing kiln loads. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge ‘oxygen content’ sensors, the ‘use the heat that’s needed where it’s needed’ concept lets manufacturers make combustion air adjustments separately in the various kiln zones. The end result is a modulated air-gas system that minimizes consumption as load conditions vary.
Moreover, all-new digital set-ups let you set specific combustion ratios for each burner set by associating an optimal air-gas ratio for each kiln zone on the specific product recipe. When there’s a product changeover, the kiln self-sets to new optimal parameters, automatically managing temperatures, combustion ratios and oxygen content.
Sustainability and the future. Integration with the HERE factory supervisor allows SACMI to bring these innovations to the plant as a whole by monitoring key performance indicators at every stage of the process. For the firing process, the result is a real-time thermal balance and perfect integration with fume filtration systems, which SACMI implements with the aid of latest-generation Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers.
The event will end with a tour of the SACMI Laboratory, where research into new fuels and their prototyping take place; the tour will give participants a first-hand look at the testing being done with methane-hydrogen mixes.

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