Sanindusa (PT) installs two new SACMI ADM casting machines at Tocha

Sanindusa (PT) installs two new SACMI ADM casting machines at Tocha

Sanindusa doubles its production unit capacity with SACMI machines. A new ADM cell has been installed for the production of water tanks complete with lid. Total automation and 4.0 interconnectivity are the basis of the investment.

Having already implemented the first complete supply, from casting to glazing up to robotized handling, Sanindusa now puts into action, together with SACMI, its ambitious plan to double the production capacity of the Tocha plant. The first step of the plan is to double the output of the production lines for complete water tanks thanks to the installation, finished at the end of 2020, of a new casting cell provided with two ADM modules served by a handling robot.
The key feature of this solution, from SACMI Sanitaryware’s state-of-the-art range of robot casting technology for high pressure casting, is the total automation of operations, combined with maximum production versatility. Equipped with a demoulding and handling robot, the cell is able to handle all operations such as casting, demoulding and automatic loading of the pieces onto the LGV car, independently without an operator.   
To facilitate the loading operations, which are carried out without supports, the vertical pre-dryer supplied ensures that the pieces are sufficiently aged to allow the subsequent automatic handling operations to be carried out safely whilst also guaranteeing a significant reduction in drying times.
The ADM modules are equipped with 3-cavity moulds for the complete production, per cycle, of 3 water tanks with lid. Furthermore, the ADM module is designed to be easily converted, if necessary according to production requirements, for the manufacture of wall-hung WC bowls in 3 mould parts. A further feature allowing greater flexibility is the automatic rotation of the half-mould, which means the pieces can be demoulded vertically or horizontally as required.  
As with the previous solutions, the new ADM is also designed for integration with the HERE SACMI factory supervision system for total 4.0 control of the plant and production flow. Installed at the end of 2020, the new ADM cell will start production by the spring and is a further mark of the customer’s faith in the best SACMI technology for casting, glazing and robotized handling of ceramic sanitaryware.

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