SNK Thailand buys second SACMI RobotGlaze cell

SNK Thailand buys second SACMI RobotGlaze cell

Part of the SCG Group, the Thai company has recently invested in a second cell for the automatic glazing of sanitaryware.
The central objectives of the project are to achieve top quality product, operator safety and process sustainability, all guaranteed by SACMI’s robotized glazing technology.

SACMI RobotGlaze technology, renowned throughout the sanitaryware industry around the world, is once more playing a leading role in the development plans of SNK.  Part of the Thai Group SCG (Siam Cement Group), which operates in the construction industry and has a strong commitment to the sanitaryware sector, SNK has just installed a second robotized glazing cell following the first solution supplied by SACMI in 2020.
Central to the supply was the SACMI-Gaiotto GA-OL robot installed on a 4-position carousel and configured for off-line creation of glazing programs. The distinguishing features of this solution are improved glaze quality, optimization of glaze consumption and process repeatability. As with the previous cell, the new system will be dedicated, in particular, to the glazing of WCs which SNK sells both on the local market and abroad.
This further stage in its development project once more confirms the strategy of SNK, within the wider context of the Siam Cement Group, to invest in the best technology available on the market to achieve its objectives of optimum productivity and automation. In this way it can position its products at the top of the market by meeting the highest standards of aesthetic quality, operator health & safety and process sustainability.
To this end, the new cell is fully equipped with all SACMI’s latest generation equipment, from the Mass Control® system to regulate the glaze flowrate, to the dry filter system for complete overspray recovery and last, but not least, the hugely successful and popular GDA80 zero maintenance spray-gun.
Finally, an additional advantage is the possibility to create glazing programs off-line without interrupting normal production thus providing the conditions for a dynamic, flexible and efficient control of a varied production mix.     


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