Highly innovative Technology & Services – SACMI Beverage at Pack Expo Chicago, led by SACMI USA

Highly innovative Technology & Services – SACMI Beverage at Pack Expo Chicago, led by SACMI USA

SACMI Beverage will soon be heading to Chicago for the Pack Expo fair (23-26 October 2022) to showcase a wealth of innovation. The event returns after a four-year hiatus... and we can’t wait to be there! We’re looking forward to illustrating not just all the innovations we’ve developed over these world-changing years but also our ability to deliver only the best for your complete Beverage lines.

In fact, we won’t be presenting just one ‘family’ of new developments at this edition of the fair but at least three. Our complete high-tech range of machines and plants has now been made even more sustainable, productive and versatile in every way. Moreover, sales, technical and spare parts assistance services have become even faster and more effective thanks to the SACMI USA Customer Support Team.
Last but not least, new high-added-value assistance packages/services maximize synergy between remote and on-site assistance. This opens up exceptional opportunities from a proactive-predictive maintenance perspective, thus extending the efficient working life of your machines. Stand-alone machines and complete lines, our state-of-the-art technologies. Focus on labeling
SACMI Beverage customers can count on a broad range of solutions, all designed to achieve the highest productivity by boosting line versatility. A multi-platform multi-material approach allows, for example, the implementation of mixed filling lines thanks to our new EquaFill range. Moreover, we provide solutions specifically for the US market such as an optional automatic filling solution for gallon formats. Upstream, instead, the SmartBlo stretch-blowing machine provides a perfect response for both small sizes - thanks to the dual cavity - and ones as large as 12 liters.
Our labeling machines are highly popular on the American market. For example, in the beer industry the FlexiOpera range offers unmatched performance thanks to a plug & play design that combines multiple technologies and labeling systems on one machine.
Perfectly modular, the FlexiOpera platform can handle cylindrical or shaped containers in glass or plastic. The same platform also lets manufacturers control different labeling systems, such as those for the application of pre-cut, wrap-around or self-adhesive labels.
This solution can apply one or more labels on the same container using either the same technology or a combination of different technologies such as cold glue, roll-fed, adhesive or hot melt. It’s also easily installed on existing lines: exceptional design optimizes the footprint, with ample scope for customization to suit your specific needs.
  • Beer-friendly features. Breweries are often ‘hostile’ places: glass debris, accidental product leaks or a need to perform washing tasks are commonplace. The hard-wearing FlexiOpera is designed to operate at peak performance in such facilities. Key features range from the extremely tough framework - to accommodate glass bottles - to certified protection of the servomotor-equipped platforms.
Each support disc is equipped with collection trays that easily trap glass debris and prevent any accidental bottle falls. The stainless steel machine framework and handling-support structures are treated to resist corrosion. The hardware system has also been enhanced to cope with every manufacturing condition and has been provided with an optional optical device to orientate the bottles.
SACMI USA, «we are where you are». New high-added-value customer services
Customer service before, during and after the sale is SACMI's strong point, across all its businesses, worldwide. In Beverage, the focus on service has become even sharper following the recent decision to bring all Beverage activities in the Americas under the sole leadership of SACMI USA.
Close customer support and a tightly-knit, specialized team are our hallmarks. They aim to offer a turnkey service that saves customers time and money, provides the consultancy they need to start up plants more quickly, obtain spare parts promptly and have their personnel trained.
More specifically, the availability of new tools and technologies maximizes the effectiveness and synergy of our online and on-site services.
What does this mean? A sharp focus on your needs, on listening to the customer: not just at the supply stage but throughout the entire lifespan of your plant and beyond, thanks to our now-strengthened sales team and the use of innovative digital tools. New services include true preventive maintenance plans, plus on-site audits and in-depth data harvesting. Once again, the goal is to save you time and money while ensuring unrivalled, worry-free production performance at all times.
Our well-stocked warehouses mean you can order original spare parts directly online via the SACMI S.P.A.C.E. portal. You can also opt for a machine life extension by purchasing spare parts kits or consumables according to customized maintenance plans.
And new product development? Our Packaging Center provides a valuable consultancy service. This is supplied in synergy with the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory where customers can take advantage of a comprehensive container design service, from preform to the filled and labeled container. We’re able to do this because we’re the world’s leading beverage technology provider. We work alongside the industry’s top players for whom we’ve developed over 1,000 cap and preform designs over the course of our long history. With SACMI, you’ll find the solution that fits you perfectly and if not we’ll develop one... just for you!
We look forward to seeing you at the fair!
Visit us at Pack Expo Chicago 2022 (stand n. South Building — S-2122)

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