Duravit India buys second SACMI RobotGlaze cell

Duravit India buys second SACMI RobotGlaze cell

The multi-national top manufacturer of quality design sanitaryware installs a second glazing robot at its plant based in Ahmedabad in the heart of the most important Indian ceramics district. The latest addition to a series of projects and investments made with Sacmi around the globe.

Duravit India completes its investment in SACMI robotized glazing with the installation of a second glazing cell. This solution doubles the existing glazing capacity and confirms the choice of the leading sanitaryware manufacturer to focus on SACMI’s latest generation automation systems for its plant in Ahmedabad too.
The main part of the supply, to be fully operative within 2022, is a new cell consisting of a 4-position carousel served by a GA2000 robot, the SACMI-Gaiotto solution which is considered a benchmark for robotized glazing around the world.  As with the previous supply, this machine has a simple and reliable configuration which represents a decisive step towards process automation at the Ahmedabad factory.
Located in the heart of the most important ceramics district in the country, where Sacmi’s branch office for the Indian market - SACMI Engineering - is also based, Duravit India makes this investment four years after the first supply signalled the transition to SACMI’s RobotGlaze system.   
In addition to the perfect quality and repeatability of glaze application, RobotGlaze also facilitates circularity of the production process thanks to spraying optimization and the filter systems which enable the overspray to be completely recovered.
This investment in the Indian production plant represents a new milestone in the global partnership between SACMI and Duravit throughout all the Group’s main factories around the world from Europe to Asia and North Africa.  

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