SACMI EXTRUDƷD TILES, the 'third dimension' of tiles

SACMI EXTRUDƷD TILES, the 'third dimension' of tiles


For over 15 years, SACMI has been designing and building complete extruded slab lines thanks to a cutting-edge technology that ensures flexibility, efficiency and output quality, 100% guaranteed on all product types. Now comes SACMI EXTRUDƷD TILES, a registered trademark that highlights the Group's confidence in a technique that gives ceramic products added value and, at the same time, makes the very most of traditional '2D' floor and wall tiles.

The SACMI EXTRUDƷD TILES plastic forming process through extrusion lets manufacturers produce all kinds of hollow and/or shaped products such as steps, hand rails, skirting boards, windowsills etc. and any other external furnishing items consisting of elements of complex shape and geometry that are beyond the scope of standard pressing technology. Offering either a vintage or modern look, all products are glue-free one piece items that provide strength, simplicity of installation and cleanliness.

Extruded products made with SACMI EXTRUDƷD TILES thus become true accessories, bringing out the very best in, and completing, the customer's range. A key feature of the SACMI solution is that it can be smoothly integrated on existing lines, matching the hues, colours and designs that characterise every single product. Bodies and processes are, in fact, comparable to those used in pressed ceramics, allowing for perfect pairing and synergy of the two methods.

Moreover, SACMI extrusion forming can be combined with cutting-edge digital decoration, drying and fast firing. These give products outstanding surface effects (from 'rustic' looks that stem from the application of grains, oxides and pigments to a vast range of eye-catching relief effects): all with the advantage of extrusion mould forming which, compared to a traditional press mould, allows for optimised manufacturing even on very limited production runs.

That's why SACMI EXTRUDƷD TILES is the 'third tile dimension', providing an added value that has already won the approval of customers and markets alike. Over 80% of the world's such systems carry the SACMI logo and, what's more, top European ceramic players are already implementing major new projects.

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