Ugrakeram doubles capacity with SACMI-Riedhammer

Ugrakeram doubles capacity with SACMI-Riedhammer

Russian firm Ugrakeram - a key company in the Roca Group, a global sanitaryware manufacturing player - recently installed and tested a new shuttle kiln produced by Riedhammer, the SACMI Group company that leads the world in the design of industrial kilns for ceramic sanitaryware and special ceramics.
This investment will double current shuttle kiln capacity for the fire/re-fire of glazed pieces. The new kiln consists of 5 cars, has a total effective volume of 50 m3 and lets the manufacturer load pieces on two or three levels depending on the specific models.
Out-of-kiln handling has been designed to ensure fast loading/unloading and, therefore, higher productivity. Other key kiln characteristics include cordierite/mullite refractory plate lining of the roof: this means the user avoids having to do maintenance on exposed fibre and prevents any product defects such fibre might cause.
This doubling of re-fire capacity at the Ugrakeram facility will allow the Roca Group to respond even more effectively to a growing demand for quality sanitaryware on the Russian market. In parallel, it will also let them plan a strengthening and expansion of their range on new target markets.

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