Cersaie 2019, SACMI to showcase the latest innovations in the field of ceramics

Cersaie 2019, SACMI to showcase the latest innovations in the field of ceramics

During Cersaie, the international exhibition to be held in Bologna from 23 to 27 September 2019, and on the occasion of its first 100th anniversary, SACMI invites its customers to discover its latest technological innovations recently launched on the market. The company, founded in Imola in 1919 by a team of 9 mechanics and blacksmiths, is currently the world’s number one supplier to the ceramic industry. This year, it will celebrate its 100th anniversary with sales totalling 1.44bn euro and 4,500 employees worldwide.
At the innovative Research Centre, visitors will have the chance to see the CONTINUA+ in action: SACMI’s world-leading solution for the production of slabs and big-size tiles. During the exhibition, there will be two daily demos scheduled at 10am and 3pm, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience first-hand the extraordinary advances of this technology. Indeed, in 2018, Continua+ was made even more flexible for managing different formats and thicknesses and it was equipped with innovative systems (e.g. the DHD SACMI-Intesa decorator for creating through-vein effects and the integrated vision system).
Additionally, SACMI Deep Digital ensures full integration of the digital glazing and decoration lines through a single process and an integrated software management system (SACMI CRONO), along with all the advantages of a technology (from DHD to DDG, i.e. digital dry glazing) that is well-known and appreciated worldwide.
SACMI, which is at the forefront of 4.0 production flow engineering, has also recently developed sophisticated systems for reducing stock levels and for handling slabs. These include the innovative automated picking island with the unprecedented option of loading the slabs either vertically (on stands) or horizontally on crates.
Visitors will then be invited to visit the ceramic process control room, where simulations and “digital twin” models will be used to turn ceramic production into a smart process, improving its efficiency in terms of sustainability and costs and reducing the time-to-market for new products.
To conclude, a short visit to the product expo, where visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the extraordinary products that can be made using state-of-the-art Italian ceramics technology.

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