Imagine what 100 years of experience could bring to you

Imagine what 100 years of experience could bring to you

SACMI GROUP will attend the 2019 edition of Euro PM, the annual powder metallurgy congress and exhibition organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) in Maastricht from 13th to 16th October 2019.
Founded 100 years ago, the SACMI GROUP accounts today for over 80 production plants, distribution companies and service centers in 30 countries: with over 4,500 employees worldwide and a turnover close to 1.5 billion of euro, SACMI stands for innovative technologies, strong positioning on the world market, continuous quality-oriented research and outstanding customer service.
SACMI offers a wide array of solutions for the Metal Powder Industry:
  • Highly innovative hydraulic CNC presses ranging from 80 to 1000 ton.
  • Roller hearth sintering furnaces covering all firing processes, from standard sintering to high temperature sintering (1280°C), including fast cooling for sinter hardening.
  • Handling automation ranging from palletization, to robot manipulation, to laser marking, all tailored to the specific Customer application.
Why SACMI? Here are some of the most appraised features of SACMI equipment:
  • The Assisted Programming Interface (API), a software aimed at simplifying operators’ day-by-day job. It’s all there: from the automatic pressing program generator based on the geometry of the par,t to the cycle graphic simulation, to the automatic adjustment of densities and heights.
  • No pits, without compromising number of axes, strokes or forces: thanks to an innovative structural concept, SACMI presses up to 200 ton are installed directly on the floor. Since ever.
  • The highest productivity on the market: SACMI team is at Customer’s disposal to simulate real parts cycle rate and offers real field tests to prove the machines performances.
  • Real and measured energy savings: the innovative hydraulic solution allow reduction in energy consumption up to 40%.
  • Rigidity, parallelism and planarity at their best for the most accurate pressing process ever. With more than 300 presses produced per year and tonnages up to 25,000 ton, SACMI has the complete process know-how and one of the most amazing manufacturing unit worldwide.
Extensive experience, outstanding machine reliability, a strong focus on innovation and a widely acknowledged service quality, are just few of the ingredients that make SACMI one of the prominent technology suppliers for the Metal Powder industry.

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