Cersanit Poland aims for total automation with SACMI technology

Cersanit Poland aims for total automation with SACMI technology

Eight new AVI casting modules successfully started up at the Krasnystaw plant. Yet another quality upgrade that takes the company towards further automation of complex medium and high-end manufacturing operations

Cersanit Poland (Rovese Group) is investing in SACMI high pressure casting technology. Following the successful installation (2017) of the first robotized casting centre for the manufacture of complex WCs, the company has now stepped things up a gear by purchasing no less than 8 new AVI casting modules. Arranged to form two casting centres, they will be equipped with robots to perform all mould handling, transfer of the cast piece to the pre-dryer and set-down on the kiln car.
Each centre is equipped with an FPV pre-dryer, a SACMI solution that - thanks to controlled moisture-related shrinkage immediately after de-moulding - reduces energy consumption and limits space requirements. This makes subsequent piece handling easier and is particularly advantageous when managing WCs of complex shape and considerable size. Alongside higher productivity (quantified, following testing of the modules, at approximately 380 cast pieces per day).
Supplied by SACMI together with two new moulds, the modelling unit will saturate the output capacity of one of the new casting stations, all of which are equipped with a laser-guided mould alignment system to make replacement tasks even faster and more precise. Part of a wider plant renewal plan, this investment in SACMI technology goes hand in hand with the already-operational robotized glazing solutions (i.e. the new, recently tested SACMI-Gaiotto 2-coat glazing units that ensure perfect on-piece application).
The merging of these two technologies – high pressure casting, robotized glazing and handling – is progressively reducing the company's reliance on the manual tasks that, until just recently, took place on traditional plaster casting benches. Combining these solutions will ensure Cersanit achieves outstanding quality and increased efficiency, even on highly complex products such as modern rimless WCs.
Cersanit Poland aims for total automation with SACMI technology

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