Versatile, precise, sustainable: it's SACMI CBF

Versatile, precise, sustainable: it's SACMI CBF

SACMI presents its latest applications for compression blow forming, a technology that combines the best of the alternative platforms for the stretch-blow moulding of high quality containers with lower virgin plastic consumption and a decisively augmented barrier effect

CBF is the innovative SACMI platform that lets manufacturers produce plastic containers directly from pellets with unrivalled precision and versatility: moreover, it significantly lowers average raw material consumption and augments the humidity barrier effect by up to 40%.
Prototyped by SACMI back in 2004, this innovative single-stage process has won over big-name customers in the dairy and pharma sectors thanks to a capacity to combine the best, most appreciated characteristics of alternative technologies such as EBM and IBM-ISBM.
The process → The CBF method consists of a continuous plastic extrusion process in which the outflowing material is cut into pellets. These are then inserted in an open mould and compressed to make a preform. Its exact shape may vary (especially as regards the neck, threaded or not). It is not cooled completely but, rather, thermo-regulated to a temperature that allows immediate blow-moulding. During the final feed stage the containers extracted from the moulds are spaced apart to make pre-palletizing quality control easier.
Fields of application → The solution that SACMI will be presenting at the K fair in Düsseldorf - in an application for the pharma sector (HDPE dual mode pill dispensers), alongside some PET dairy container samplings - is characterised by versatility thanks to compatibility with all commercially available resins (PS, PE and, as of today, PET, the resin best suited to recycling/re-use), high productivity and precision neck manufacturing.
Sustainability → Immediate advantages in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. Alongside a weight reduction, performance remaining equal, of up to 10% (and, therefore, less raw material consumption), CBF-manufactured containers augment the humidity barrier effect by 30-40%, a key factor for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Moreover, the possibility of replacing traditional resins (PS and PE) with PET, especially in the dairy field, lets customers take a decisive step towards the circular economy without having to do any further work on production lines.
Service → As per SACMI tradition, the company includes CBF in its complete mould assistance package; CBF is also equipped with a video camera container inspection system to ensure total quality control of output. Another SACMI CBF strength is that it has been designed as an open system suitable for installation on the line with other SACMI or third party machines; it also has a greatly reduced footprint (CBF holds the world record for productivity per square metre).
This solution's outstanding capacity to combine versatility, precision, productivity and sustainability form the basis of SACMI's ambition to make CBF the new standard for the international blow moulding market. Clear evidence of that comes in the form of the over fifty solutions sold in just the last five years to big-name players in the pharma and dairy fields, from the USA to India, from Japan to China and Vietnam.
Discover all the latest from SACMI at the international K 2019 fair hall 13 – 13A63 (Düsseldorf, 16-23 October).
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