Sacmi presents multilayer compression

Sacmi presents multilayer compression

Developed and marketed since early 2019, CCMM combines all the intrinsic advantages of SACMI compression with user-friendliness, process consistency and cycle times shorter than those of competing technologies.

CCM multilayer (CCMM) lies on the cutting edge of SACMI compression technology for the manufacture of multilayer capsules.

Versatility. Initially focused on the manufacture of single serve capsules (for coffee, tea and other foods and drinks), SACMI's research into multilayer capsules has gone on to yield further outstanding results, such as a capacity to manage a broad range of materials and minimise rejects through excellent process consistency.

Sustainability. Already the hallmarks of SACMI compression, these advantages have now been merged with decisive progress on the sustainability front. For example, compression works at lower temperatures than other technologies, lowering energy and raw material consumption requirements; another CCMM strength is that manufacturers can use layers made of different materials.

Quality. Because a barrier film (EVOH) can be inserted between the different layers, thus-made capsules have extraordinary oxygen barrier properties; the barrier seals in the delicate organoleptic qualities of products like coffee without any need to act on secondary packaging: an advantage for converters and final users alike.

Process optimisation. Only SACMI CCM multilayer compression lets producers manage a large number of layers with great flexibility, letting them choose the number and type of layers to insert according to the specific product being packaged. Moreover, compared to alternative technologies, tie layer management is optimised as the tie layer can be managed separately in dedicated layers, reducing required quantities and thus preserving the purity of the polypropylene, at lower cost.

Converters and final users both stand to benefit from this innovation, which SACMI will present at the K 2019 fair in Düsseldorf in an application - already tested and marketed since 2019 - for the manufacture of coffee capsules. SACMI's goal? To spearhead a new technological revolution, thanks to its in-depth understanding of materials and established industry-wide leadership.

Discover all the latest from SACMI at the international K 2019 fair HALL 13 – 13A63 (Düsseldorf, 16-23 October).

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Sacmi presents multilayer compression

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