SACMI conference for over 500 Iranian customers at the IRIB Center in Tehran

SACMI conference for over 500 Iranian customers at the IRIB Center in Tehran

A big day in which customers and representatives of local institutions will attend a presentation of all the latest from SACMI Ceramics. There will also be plenty of scope to discuss and compare, in keeping with SACMI's policy of putting customers first and providing them with targeted, customised responses in areas that span from body preparation to logistics.

Over 500 customers are expected to attend the IRIB International Conference Center in Tehran on 16th October for an event designed by SACMI to promote all the latest for the Ceramics industry. This all-day event, organised together with SACMI Iran, will also be attended by top-level institutional representatives, from the ambassador of the Italian Republic, Giuseppe Perrone, to functionaries from the Ministry of Industry in Tehran.
Starting a 8.30 a.m., several speakers will take the floor. Representatives from SACMI Ceramics product units will illustrate everything from body preparation to pressing, from digital decoration to firing, plus lapping and cutting (BMR) and end of line-packaging-logistics automation. The SACMI Sanitaryware&Tableware Division will also be attending, as will staff from Customer Service, the SACMI division that, in synergy with the Global Network, supplies advanced, long term after-sales assistance and support.
Large slabs, revamping services and enhanced energy efficiency are just some of the subjects that will be discussed, all of which hold considerable relevance on an Iranian market where SACMI has been a key, long-standing partner of leading local ceramic and sanitaryware manufacturers. In keeping with SACMI's policy of putting customer needs first, the day will also include, alongside technical reports, debates and meetings. SACMI is committed to developing personalised solutions so that our machines always give of their best in accordance with product, customer and market requirements.

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