SACMI Smart Ceramics 4.0, two days of meetings in Mexico

SACMI Smart Ceramics 4.0, two days of meetings in Mexico

Scheduled for 22nd and 23rd October, these events are aimed at the country's customers, both existing and potential. The goal is to illustrate what's new on the ceramic technology front by focusing on two key needs of the industry: manufacturing flexibility and optimisation of costs

A two-day technology explainer on the boundaries being explored by SACMI Ceramics. On 22nd and 23rd October, Sacmi will be holding meetings involving at least a hundred Mexican customers in Monterrey and Querétaro.
Both cities occupy strategic positions in Mexico (the former is home to SACMI De Mexico, the hub of Sacmi operations in the country, while the latter is close to the SACMI spare parts warehouse, the nerve centre for after-sales assistance). Hence the decision to have them co-host the events, which SACMI has organised together with all the Ceramics Division product units, from body preparation to pressing, decoration, packaging and logistics.
During the meetings, SACMI - a company with a hundred years of history behind it that has always provided customers with close, worldwide support - will examine two key aspects of the modern tile and slab manufacturing market. Firstly, the industry's growing need to optimise and contain line running costs on an increasingly demanding market that requires frequent product changes in terms of both design and size according to an almost exclusively just-in-time logic.
Secondly, manufacturing flexibility, an area in which SACMI has invested heavily to implement Industry 4.0-oriented technological and organisational developments. This means advanced solutions for dry and wet decoration as well as cutting, polishing and lapping (thanks to a strengthening partnership with BMR, a long-standing leader in the sector). Yet these aspects constitute only one side of the 4.0 ceramic line proposed by SACMI, as it also includes cutting edge software platforms (e.g. the HERE application) for real-time production monitoring and order scheduling via a direct interface with the customer's ERP.
Both events have been co-organised with SACMI de Mexico, which, together with the new SACMI Customer Service Division, has excellent facilities and services to provide customers with close support before, during and after the sale. For SACMI, this event is a welcome opportunity to strengthen its role in what is Central America's n. 1 market, strategically important in terms of both sales volumes and continent-wide development prospects.

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