SACMI do Brasil met Brazilian customers on the occasion of its 50th anniversary

SACMI do Brasil met Brazilian customers on the occasion of its 50th anniversary

The event, on 13 November in Santa Gertrudes, the heart of the ceramic district in the State of São Paulo showcased SACMI latest product and process development solutions, along with the new assistance services offered with the strategic support of the Group’s local headquarters


On the occasion of SACMI do Brasil’s 50th anniversary, SACMI hosted a conference for selected local customers. The aim was to enable the Brazilian ceramic industry - the world’s third largest in terms of installed production capacity after China and India - to take a qualitative leap, with processes and products with higher added value and a more export-oriented strategy.
The conference, taking place on 13 November at the headquarters of Aspacer (Paulista Association of Ceramic Coating), gathered about 80 selected customers representing 25 companies based near Santa Gertrudes and in the two other districts in the north-east and south of the country.
Located in the heart of Brazil’s most important ceramic district, the city of Santa Gertrudes is just 70 km from SACMI do Brasil, the hub of SACMI’s commercial, production and assistance activities in Brazil for the Group’s various business areas (ceramics, closures, beverages, etc.). With 35 staff members, an after-sales support team in synergy with the new SACMI Customer Service Division and its own production units (SACMI manufactures kilns and dryers directly in Brazil), SACMI do Brasil is not only one of the first foreign branches of the SACMI Group – which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary – but also the benchmark in a strategic market which, in an unstable global economy, has decided to relaunch itself through technological, process and product innovation.
These are the key themes that were discussed at the conference, with a focus on the evolution of solutions for body preparation for porcelain stoneware, from dry technology (which is still the most popular in the country) to wet technology, as well as the full digitalisation of glazing and decoration lines and an insight into the topic of driers and kilns as well as heat recovery systems. The new SACMI-BMR cutting, squaring and lapping solutions also form part of the foundations of process re-engineering with a view to increasing sustainability and product added value, as does the new SACMI Continua+ integrated line, with the double goal of optimising the operating costs of production and of expanding the range of ceramic products that can be produced.
Compared to other similar events held in the world’s main markets, the conference in Brazil thus takes on a double meaning: on the one hand, it restores profitability to a sector that is still strongly focused on local production (despite the huge installed production capacity, Brazil exports less than 15% of the total ceramic production) and, on the other hand, it enhances the key role of a branch such as SACMI do Brasil, which for half a century has been the benchmark for SACMI’s development and growth prospects in the entire South American region.

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