New SACMI FMA+ kiln installed by the Italgraniti Group

New SACMI FMA+ kiln installed by the Italgraniti Group

A key player in the ceramic industry for over 25 years, the Italgraniti Group has chosen state-of-the-art Sacmi roller kiln technology for its plant in San Martino in Rio (RE).

"The FMA+ kiln”, points out Fulvio Baldini, General Manager of SACMI Forni, “ is a new-concept machine as it uses an air/gas modulation system in which the combustion ratio can be set from zone to zone”.

“Indeed, the new SACMI-designed kiln was an immediate hit”, continues Giuseppe Pifferi, General Manager of the Italgraniti Group s.p.a., “because it always ensures excellent consumption in relation to the product and, even more importantly, lets us replicate manufacturing conditions with total flexibility”.

In fact, the new burner geometry allows combustion to be completed inside the cone and ensures firing channel infeed is always conducted at high speed, thus optimising efficiency.

“Italgraniti's FMA+ is the first such kiln to be installed since its presentation at Tecnargilla 2018”, points out Giuseppe Miselli of SACMI Imola, “but others are already being assembled in the same ceramic district as its qualities continue to win over numerous producers. We sincerely thank Italgraniti for allowing us to inaugurate this latest kiln model, just as SACMI Imola is celebrating its centenary”.
Summing up, the CEO of Italgraniti Group, Francesco Maturo, concludes: “Our company is particularly attentive to consumption and energy recovery. This latest investment allows us to run the dryers at 'zero calories' as we can now retrieve heat from the new kiln and send it to the dryers. This latest purchase completes a 5-year period of investment in which we've that sought to combine ever-greater efficiency with ever-lower environmental impact”.
New SACMI FMA+ kiln installed by the Italgraniti Group

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