Fifth SACMI glazing line for Duravit China

Fifth SACMI glazing line for Duravit China

More SACMI technology for the ultra-modern plant in Chongqing. New piece finishing and robotized glazing line with high levels of automation tested and put into servic

SACMI continues to provide Duravit China with state-of-the-art technology. Just recently, a new SACMI robotized glazing line, equipped with automated piece handling solutions, underwent final testing before being put into service.
The new line – the fifth to be supplied by SACMI – will let Duravit manage the output mix more efficiently and boost productivity thanks to a greater number of installed machines and new automation solutions.
More specifically, products arriving at the line are picked from the car by the Fanuc handling robot and placed in the inspection booths. Fully SACMI-designed, the booths feature high-capacity dry filters to remove all the dust residue that stems from white finishing processes. Each booth is also equipped with a “Visus centringsystem with video camera to make it easier for workers to position the piece correctly.
Another hallmark of the solution is fully 4.0 flow management, with the robot area configured to allow simultaneous management of 3 cars (handled by the LGV vehicles) and provide 4 finishing booths. Following inspection, the pieces are loaded onto racks while an additional handling robot serves the glazing areas; the latter consist of 2 booths with 2-position carousels, equipped with dry filters to retrieve the excess glaze.
Duravit has also chosen to equip one of its two glazing booths with SACMI-Gaiotto GA-OL robots; this solution allows off-line glazing recipe programming, thus making development of new products easier and ensuring line productivity is maintained at maximum levels. Lastly, after undergoing foot cleaning operations, all the thus-finished and glazed pieces are loaded onto cars.
This latest order, then, reinforces the long-standing partnership between SACMI and the Duravit Group. In fact, SACMI has already supplied this Chinese manufacturing facility – one of the most modern, highly automated in the country – with machines and equipment for all its production departments, from body preparation to kilns, from glazing lines to LGVs (laser-guided vehicles).
Fifth SACMI glazing line for Duravit China

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