KOHLER, tradition and innovation in sanitaryware since 1873

A world-leading producer of ceramic sanitaryware, faucets and bathroom accessories, the company works alongside SACMI to deliver advanced robotized glazing solutions. The result: efficiency, sustainability, quality glazed products.

Kohler Co. is a leading global company that has, since 1873, symbolised tradition and innovation in the sanitaryware industry. Continued investment in technology to achieve consistent manufacturing quality, efficiency and sustainability are key strategies of the Kitchen & Bath Group, the sanitaryware division of which has branches and manufacturing facilities around the world.
From this standpoint, SACMI has worked closely with Kohler on robotized glazing solutions, featuring automation and accuracy control of process parameters to ensure consistent production quality. In addition, features such as excess glaze filtration and recovery systems, and optimising raw material use have significantly reduced waste.
Progressive automation of handling and glazing tasks provides Kohler with a competitive edge and enables the company to continue developing high quality products for the global sanitaryware market. A strategy that has, thanks to Kohler’s commitment of adopting leading-edge technology, goes hand in hand with improved working conditions and a lower environmental impact.

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