Kerama Marazzi gets into sanitaryware with Gaiotto robotized glazing

Kerama Marazzi gets into sanitaryware with Gaiotto robotized glazing

Now installed and fully operational, the robot is the heart of the new glazing line at the Orël facility. And that's just the first step towards further production-side strengthening by the company, Russia's leading ceramic brand and a key SACMI partner

A staggering new manufacturing plant with a full-capacity output of up to 110,000 pieces a year: Kerama Marazzi has entered the sanitaryware sector with a boom by purchasing - from SACMI of course - a complete robotized glazing line that's part of a major, first-stage investment plan in Russia.
Installed in the new compound in the Orël area, south-east of Moscow (not far from the main Group branch which plays a pivotal role in the country's tile sector), the line consists of a latest-generation glazing robot, installed on a 4-position carousel serving two glazing booths. This configuration allows for the application of two glaze coats, ensuring perfect glazed piece quality and consistency.
SACMI is also providing carousel-serving equipment such as the automated loading/unloading conveyor and foot cleaning system. The glazing booths, instead, are equipped with dry filtration systems that retrieve excess glaze dust and thus optimise raw material consumption and reduce waste.
Inside the two booths, the glaze is applied by GDA80 spray guns, the standard-setting SACMI solution that offers maximum efficiency and zero maintenance. Together with the robot – a GA2000 – SACMI has also supplied an off-line programming system. This lets users develop new models quickly as it provides for off-line glazing recipe programming without any interruption to production.
With the Gaiotto line, which has already been up and running for some weeks now, SACMI confirms its role as a key partner in the completion of Kerama Marazzi's strategic investment plan; this latest order also underscores the soundness of the Group's decision to invest in high-end sanitaryware to meet growing demand on the Russian market. Last but not least, this sanitaryware investment complements a long-standing partnership with the Marazzi Group on the tile front, in which SACMI is their number one supplier in Russia.

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