CERATIZIT Austria GmbH takes up SACMI’s first e-MP press

CERATIZIT Austria GmbH takes up SACMI’s first e-MP press

The first SACMI/LAEIS electric press for hard metal compaction has been successfully installed at the CERATIZIT Group’s plant in Reutte (Austria).

Founded in 1921 in Austria, CERATIZIT is today a high-technology engineering group specialized in the development and production of sophisticated cutting tools and hard material solutions. CERATIZIT operates worldwide with more than 30 production sites around Europe, as well as Asia and North America, which contribute to its global market leadership in numerous fields of application.
Founded more than 100 years ago the SACMI Group accounts today for over 80 production plants, distribution companies and service centers in 30 countries: with over 4,650 employees worldwide and a turnover close to 1.25 billion of euro SACMI stands for innovative technologies, strong positioning on the world market, continuous quality-oriented research and outstanding customer service.
LAEIS GmbH, that within the Group is specialized in the design and manufacturing of highly sophisticated presses for refractories, technical ceramics and special applications and SACMI, that produces hydraulic presses up to 25.000 tons including a dedicated range of highly innovative presses for the powder metal market, jointly developed a brand new type of electric presses, called e-MP.
The press supplied to CERATIZIT is a 20 ton (e-MP20) that produces carbide inserts with the highest precision (+- 0.001 mm) with the highest efficiency, also thanks to the integration of the well-known and user-friendly Assisted Programming Interface (API), that drastically reduces the press programming and tuning times.
The main features of this press are summarized in its own name. In fact, in the name of the model e-MP, the “e” stands for: e-LECTRIC but also for e-JECTION PRINCIPLE, e-NERGY SAVING, e-ASILY OPERATED and, of course, e-FFICIENT.
The machine was designed with generous structural frames to increase the machine rigidity and allow better internal accessibility yet keeping the smaller footprint in its class. Moreover, the fixed die concept allows for a higher precision and a better forming on the upper surface of the inserts and at the same time simplifies filling and removal.
The design of the press allows in addition for high versatility and future extensions, such as the integration of additional pressing axes or the use of cross-pressing systems.
It is with great satisfaction and gratitude for the excellent cooperation, that we now announce that SACMI and LAEIS’s first electric press for hard metals is successfully running at CERATIZIT Austria GmbH in the production site of Reutte.

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