<span style=’color:#e00;text-transform:none;’>#SACMICeramicInnovationDays</span> get under way

#SACMICeramicInnovationDays get under way

Yesterday saw over 500 people from 51 countries take part in a two-session virtual live presentation of the new Continua+, the world-leading technology for manufacturing large ceramic slabs and sub-formats of variable size and thickness.

The most productive, most versatile system on the market, Continua+ can produce up to 21,460 m2 of pressed product per day within a broad thickness range of 3 - 30 mm, all while optimising consumption, reducing waste and ensuring full recyclability.
Guided by the SACMI team, the customers who signed up for the event enjoyed an opportunity to get a close look at the SACMI ‘Magic Box’ which transforms coloured powder mixes into finished, digitally decorated products.
No special body preparation, integration with on-the-fly cutting systems, rejects always below 3% whatever the size: features that make Continua+ ideal for managing complex product mixes, not just traditional slabs but all sub-sizes e.g. 30x60, 60x60, 60x120, 75x150, 80x80, 80x160, 90x90, 90x180 cm and so on.
Digital process control, seamless integration with digital and through-body decoration systems and precision control of density and thickness parameters make this outstanding technology the most efficient on the market, ensuring high productivity and smooth management of diversified products and small batches. Just perfect, then, for seizing the development opportunities offered by new product families (outdoor, furnishing, etc.) and innovative functions (“active” surfaces with antibacterial, anti-pollution properties, etc.).
During the webinar, users also had the opportunity to put questions to the specialist SACMI team and establish contacts for subsequent exploration of aspects of interest. Following Continua+, Ceramic innovation days by SACMI returns next Thursday (16 July at 9 a.m., to be repeated at 2 p.m. CEST) with a webinar dedicated to the SACMI digital glazing and decoration systems that complete the new SACMI Deep Digital Line.

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