GSI, together with SACMI, reaches a new milestone towards Industry 4.0

GSI, together with SACMI, reaches a new milestone towards Industry 4.0

Gruppo Sanitari Italia installs a new ADM casting machine for large washbasins and consoles. This supply is the latest addition to the company’s substantial investment in SACMI pressure casting technology for total automation, quality and versatility. 

A further milestone has been reached with this latest addition to the large fleet of SACMI machines already installed at GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia), which consolidates the company’s position as lead player in Italy’s sanitaryware manufacturing district for top quality and design ceramic sanitaryware. 
Proceeding with its ambitious plan for investment in SACMI’s pressure casting technology, GSI has purchased a new ADM machine adding to the other 6 AVM solutions already in operation as well as the AVI and ADS machines.  
Dedicated to the casting of large-sized and heavy washbasins and consoles, the ADM is designed to allow maximum versatility in the manufacture of pieces with two-part moulds. The machine is equipped with the SACMI patented system for rapid size change-over with the possibility to control all the casting, demoulding, loading and unloading operations automatically, without an operator.
The cell includes a SACMI FPV pre-dryer which facilitates the ageing and hardening of the pieces in a controlled environment before loading onto the car. This is a state-of-the-art solution which saves time and energy consumption whilst, at the same time, safeguarding the quality of the product. 
The distinguishing feature of the solution supplied - completed by an automatic finishing station for the cast piece before loading onto the car - is that manual operations, from production to product handling, are eliminated. 
With this new ADM supplied by SACMI, Gruppo Sanitari Italia has completed a further step towards achieving Industry 4.0, uniting the logic of automation and machine interconnectivity to guarantee higher efficiency  and versatility in the running of the factory.

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