MPH250: a new press model for metal powders

MPH250: a new press model for metal powders

Today, with great satisfaction, we are pleased announce the latest entry of the MPH250 press in the SACMI metal powder hydraulic presses range.

Continuous research and investments on new technological developments have led SACMI to realize new projects, also thanks to the efficient teamwork of our group. Among the achieved results, we are glad to announce the realization of a new press model for metal powders, which further enriches the already wide range of SACMI presses in the field: the MPH250.
Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is operating in very complex contexts, with more and more competitive markets and in very unstable political and macro-economic scenarios. In addition, companies have to deal with products that are more and more customized, which have shorter lifecycles and occupy smaller lots.
The Powder Metal field strains beneath this pressure too, and it is in fact always looking for more cutting-edge, precise and competitive products. Manufacturers, who operate in this industry, are therefore asked to produce more efficient, flexible and high-performance machines.
SACMI has chosen innovation and flexibility as the basis for the development of the new MPH250 for the production of powder metal components. It is a CNC hydraulic press equipped with 3 upper axes and 3 lower axes, whose realization started from the already well-known and appreciated MPH200 for 2000 kN. This press presents a very innovative hydraulic circuit, which grants a lower energy consumption thanks to its variable pressure lines. The press offers the possibility of a remarkable speed increase up to 50%, whatever the production field. In addition, it can guarantee the best efficiency thanks to the use of the API (Assisted Programming Interface), a user-friendly interface that drastically reduce the programming and tuning times.
By keeping the design of the MPH200 and performing accurate hands-on tests, SACMI has come to the new MPH250 project, which takes advantage of all features developed by Sacmi in the last years and which have been widely appreciated on the PM market.
This machine brings several advantages, from high productivity to limited footprint, as well as the absence of a foundation pit and energy saving. In other words, a press that will be surely appreciated by our customers for the numerous benefits it is able to offer.

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