SACMI-Gaiotto “Smart off-line” system conquers fibreglass sector

SACMI-Gaiotto “Smart off-line” system conquers fibreglass sector

Novellini, the well-known Mantua-based company which makes shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs, invests in digitalization. For SACMI-Gaiotto, confirmation of the versatility of its system, already applied with great success to glazing and painting. 

A further step forward in the development of its “Smart off-line” system, the winning product in SACMI-Gaiotto’s off-line programming software range has recently been taken thanks to the installation and start-up of the program at Novellini, the long-established Mantua-based company. With this latest step, the solution makes its mark on the fibreglass industry, a natural evolution of its already successful application in the glazing and painting sectors.
This supply strengthens more than two decades of partnership between SACMI-Gaiotto and Novellini, situated in Romanore, province of Mantua, and manufacturer since 1966 of shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs. This partnership works towards technological innovation thanks to Novellini’s project, started a few years ago, to modernize its plants in order to optimize raw material consumption and reduce emissions.
This latest advance, the digitalization of control processes, will ensure further efficiency for the company thus cutting costs and minimizing the impact of production on the environment.  For SACMI-Gaiotto this important project has been an opportunity to show how the new system can be applied, with common programming logics, to a variety of very different industries with full guarantee, in all cases, of successful results.

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