Laufen continues to invest in SACMI casting and automation solutions

Laufen continues to invest in SACMI casting and automation solutions

Following the start-up of its latest generation SACMI-Gaiotto glazing line, Laufen continues investments at its production plant based in Znojmo (Czech Republic) for the robotized production of sanitaryware.

Another important step forward has been taken by Laufen (Roca Group) and SACMI, its partner for the supply of automation systems. Following the SACMI-Gaiotto glazing cell recently commissioned at its production plant in Znojmo (Czech Republic), the company is continuing its plan to invest in SACMI’S technology for the robotized production of sanitaryware. 
At the heart of the new supply is a robotized cell composed of two AVI casting modules; SACMI’s latest solution proving to be an international benchmark for the production of complex WCs. Serving the cell is a state-of-the-art robot for automatic control of all the mould and piece handling operations.  
To complete the supply and as an extra guarantee of quality and energy efficiency, Laufen is also installing a SACMI FPV vertical drier; a solution which ensures effective control  of the first shrinkage stage of the piece under controlled conditions, thus saving time and energy and improving the quality of the finished piece.
In this way, Laufen has confirmed its partnership with SACMI, recognizing in particular the advantages of the AVI technology already renowned in the industry for its top performance in terms of flexibility and reliability; the key factors required to keep pace with the most modern trends taking place on the global sanitaryware market.

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