SACMI-Euroelettra JIT, the advantages of smart grinding

SACMI-Euroelettra JIT, the advantages of smart grinding

Zero waste, efficient management of even minimal batches, outstanding quality and full repeatability. With its new pigment dissolution system - already installed in leading companies both in Italy and abroad - SACMI-Euroelettra completes "total automation" of body preparation departments, even integrating the system with the SKID platform, Euroelettra's wet slip colouring solution

SACMI-Euroelettra's JIT system makes grinding smart. Zero raw material waste, efficient management of even minimal pigment quantities, full repeatability of density and colour hues. In short, an unbeatable solution, already implemented both in Italy and abroad.
Designed and marketed by SACMI Group company SACMI-Euroelettra - a global supplier of industrial plant automation and management solutions - this system, in fact, won immediate market acclaim.
Launched two years ago, the Euroelettra JIT system integrates downstream with the SKID solution (for wet colouring of the slip). This JIT-SKID tandem also offers the advantages of compactness and much more efficient management of the overall body preparation process (with less waste and lower risk of any variations in mix characteristics due to in-factory storage and transport requirements).
The JIT + SKID formula offers the market state-of-the-art pigment and coloured slip preparation and all the advantages of zero waste, just-in-time production and greater professionalism. This complete platform - a major step towards full production process efficiency and optimisation of resources - is built on SACMI-Euroelettra's extensive in-the-field experience in the flawless running of body preparation lines and the tasks needed to optimise every stage of the process.
Easy to incorporate in existing plants thanks to its small footprint, the system lets a single worker manage the entire colour preparation and spray drying process. What's more, it can be integrated with the plant supervision software, letting manufacturers 'virtualize' every stage of assistance and even allowing remote control of the entire web-connected system.
In its standard configuration, the new SACMI-Euroelettra JIT pigment dissolving system consists of two big bag emptying stations served by hoists, the same number of dissolving stations, and dissolved product handling tanks. The main advantages: first comes batching efficiency, with the system capable of optimising management of the raw materials (the expensive pigments) according to the exact needs of the lot being produced; second, the absence of additional storage; third, total process repeatability thanks to dedicated supervision software.
Ceramic manufacturers can also respond perfectly to just-in-time production requirements as processing is faster compared to traditional systems (machine dissolving power exceeds 1000 kg/hour of oxide per station and allows for the production of even the smallest pigment quantities on demand without loss of efficiency, with flexible management of the entire process).
Further advantages take the form of lower environmental impact: the JIT "secret ingredient" of using small quantities of base slip as a natural thickener ensures compound homogeneity without using chemical additives.

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