SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum 2020 - mission accomplished!

SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum 2020 - mission accomplished!

Over 1,000 participants attended the international live forum. From digital developments to the environment, the company outlined the present - and the future - of the industry. In the spotlight: technologies and services that give customers comprehensive support at every stage, resulting in clear-cut advantages

After attracting a thousand participants from over 50 countries, the first edition of SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum has ended successfully: this 2-day international event took a close look at the present and future of the ceramic industry and featured talks by leading experts, technicians and members of the scientific community.
This highly interactive Forum - offering simultaneous translation into six languages, with participants able to ask the team questions and take part in several real-time surveys - examined the themes of Digitalization and Sustainability in ceramics and the related technologies developed by SACMI, the world's number supplier to the ceramic industry.
SACMI seeks to 'ground' the Digital and Sustainability concepts by providing personalised solutions and working alongside customers to generate tangible, measurable advantages, with this two-day ceramic innovation event intending to "send customers and markets a clear message: SACMI is there for them and always will be, innovating together with them”, explained the President, Paolo Mongardi.
The first day, 9 November, focused on digitalization in ceramics. From digital twin models to the SACMI HERE platform and remote assistance platforms, every single solution is characterised by its ability to streamline interaction between machines, networks and people. The outcome? Immediate benefits ranging from more precise order/production flow management to more effective, optimised maintenance management, with users able to plan work in advance, saving time and resources.
Even though they were already trending across the industry, these dynamics accelerated sharply in 2020, generating a need to develop new products and services that take into account new production and consumption patterns while meeting strict environmental and public health requirements. This brings us to the second day of the Forum, which focused on materials (i.e. the crucial role of ceramics from an LCA and circular economy perspective) and processes, illustrating SACMI systems for fume filtration, heat recovery and containment of water and energy consumption.
Moreover, several case studies demonstrated how customers have, by installing SACMI solutions, taken significant steps towards factory digitalization and sustainability; the Forum was also a great opportunity for SACMI to get to grips with a new market logic that requires the adoption of ground-breaking digital interaction and communication tools.
Following the live Forum, SACMI will soon be offering a series of webinars, each of which will explore a specific stage of the process. First up, on 24 November, will be a panoramic overview of the latest slab and tile forming technologies that lie at the heart of SACMI's ceramic manufacturing range.


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