SACMI, comprehensive solutions for “total body preparation”

SACMI, comprehensive solutions for “total body preparation”

Over 500 participants from 52 countries attended the live webinar illustrating complete SACMI solutions for body preparation: from automatic raw material storage and batching systems to high efficiency mills and spray dryers, all designed to optimize production costs and reduce environmental impact

With its complete batching, storage, grinding and spray drying systems, SACMI provides the world’s widest, most comprehensive range for transforming raw materials into a spray dried powder bed. That range was the subject of the “SACMI Body preparation. Unmatched all-round services for body preparation plants” webinar, the second in the SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days series, which attracted over 500 customers from 52 countries.
Held on 22 and 23 December 2020 as a follow-up to the event of 24 November on forming technology, the webinar kicked off with a look at the needs of the modern ceramic factory, where efficiency, efficacy and quality are – through total control and automation - built on the foundations of the initial stages of the process.
Energy savings of up to 15%, zero waste along the entire process, fully automatic control: these are just some of the advantages that customers all over the world can expect from this latest SACMI solution, the result of an in-depth understanding of every stage of the process and the ceramic plant.
SmartDosingPlant, maximum efficiency, zero waste, zero errors
With the SmartDosingPlant (the automatic raw material storage and batching platform), SACMI gives manufacturers fully ‘smart’ control over powder reception and storage; this is achieved thanks to electronically-controlled dosing which ensures perfect body composition along every section of the conveyor belt.
Operating upstream from SACMI’s world-beating grinding and spray drying solutions, this system has the advantage of minimizing waste, giving workers the support they need to ensure correct quantity, origin and destination of the required raw materials.
MMC disruptive technology, pigment dissolving and just-in-time coloring
In the 1980s SACMI was already offering the market radical grinding process innovations, such as wet grinding; these have since gone on to set international standards in the industry. Following the development of continuous modular grinding in 2005, SACMI has revolutionized the process further. The result? Compared to the previous technology, consumption has been reduced by up to 50%, productivity is up and labor requirements have been slashed by up to 2/3.
The webinar showcased the extraordinary advantages of a process that features, among other things, innovative grinding chamber linings that can reduce electricity costs by as much as 5% and ensure proper slip feed through the various modules. Participants were also treated to a presentation of the all-new BBT100, a closed-loop control system that analyses the physical and particle size distribution characteristics of the outgoing slip to ensure its optimal composition.
Interfaceable with the SACMI HERE supervisor for accurate control of all process KPIs, SACMI mills feed JIT-SKID solutions for dissolving pigments and wet coloring the slip. Zero waste, efficient management of even minimal quantities of pigments and full repeatability of density and color tones: these, then, are the key features of the JIT platform which, together with the SKID system, shrinks the plant footprint and, therefore, the risk of any dispersion or variation within the mix as a result of storage and transport.
Towards a potentially «zero fuel» spray dryer
At the end of the SACMI powder plant come the spray dried powder production systems. Once again, automation is what makes the difference: the already-mixed and colored slip is drawn by a series of pumps and fed to the machines. SACMI spray dryers are the most efficient on the market thanks to solutions - such as the tangential air inlet - that optimize heat exchange between the hot air and sprayed droplets.
The result of advanced fluid dynamic simulations, these solutions can provide gas savings of up to 5% (which, for the average ceramic factory, cam mean tens of thousands of euros every year). What’s more, integration with the kiln and cogeneration plant heat recovery systems developed by SACMI Forni&Filters puts us in a position to build a potentially 'zero fuel' spray dryer that provides savings and safeguards the environment.
This SACMI webinar was the latest in a series of international meetings illustrating all the latest innovations for each stage of the ceramic process. So, after forming and body preparation, get ready for further events in January and February on decoration, firing and end-of-line management.
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