SACMI finishing&sorting solutions, the market’s most versatile proposal for a ready-to-use ceramic plant

SACMI finishing&sorting solutions, the market’s most versatile proposal for a ready-to-use ceramic plant

A truly smart tile and slab finishing line with everything from SACMI-BMR 4.0 squaring-finishing solutions to the new Ekosort Dinamica. Also, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ‘picture’ and build a truly integrated line. SACMI to hold international webinar on 28 January.

 Adaptive, high performance, smart: this latest SACMI proposal for a ready-to-use ceramics factory utilizes digital automation and control logic to integrate the squaring, finishing and sorting stages. That integration will be the subject of the ‘SACMI finishing&sorting solutions’ webinar on 28 January 2021, the third event in the SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days series.
The first part of the meeting will focus on solutions by BMR, the SACMI partner company that has been a leading designer of sanding, lapping, treatment, squaring, chamfering and cutting systems for over 50 years. TOP Squadra Dry 4.0 is a digital squaring line that, thanks to an advanced video camera system and electronic machining control, maximizes performance and reduces changeover times.
Top Squadra Dry can be integrated with cutting-edge surface treatment solutions; these range from the tried and tested Leviga and Leviga Plus to the innovative SuperShine, a super-polishing unit for tiles. The only solution on the market to combine a mechatronic process with a chemical reaction, SuperShine gives surfaces better protection, increases gloss and boosts resistance to aggression from external substances.
Moving on from finishing to sorting, the webinar will showcase Ekosort Dinamica, the last word in smart sorting systems for slabs and tiles of every type and shape.
Flexible and highly productive with small-medium sizes, Ekosort Dinamica offers dynamic management of production codes thanks to independent software-guided control of the picker/feed carriages that move inside the carousel. With Ekosort Dinamica, digital control of the process makes size changeovers fully automatic, maximizing the efficiency of stacking and sorting whatever the production scenario.
Thanks to unmatched plant engineering skills, SACMI has also conceived and built a new type of plant that integrates the squaring, finishing and sorting phases. Space savings and optimized management of loading/unloading station storage are just two of the advantages of the integrated line, which SACMI co-builds with the customer using simulation tools (digital twin).
Drastically shorter development times, what if analysis and optimization of resources are just some of the plus-points of a model that lends customers full support as the ceramic factory naturally evolves towards a make to order logic.
The event is reserved for SACMI’s customers and partners. To take part in the event please register on the platform.

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