“The highest quality, always at your side”. SACMI to take part in FBIF 2023

“The highest quality, always at your side”. SACMI to take part in FBIF 2023

In addition to complete lines and high-performance labelers, SACMI offers the best customer support services thanks to direct production (SACMI Nanhai) and a team of highly qualified local technicians.

SACMI is officially taking part in FBIF 2023 (Food & Beverage Innovation Forum), the international trade fair that brings together cutting-edge technologies, markets, brands and consumers. The event will take place on 14-16 June 2023 at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an District).

What to expect

What do our customers expect from the SACMI brand? In short: the world’s highest-quality, most reliable, most versatile technology. Yet also a first-rate partner with whom to work on new products and projects.

Complete lines

What makes SACMI Beverage stand out from the industry’s other global technology providers is its ability to develop and deliver complete lines: everything from stretch-blow molders to fillers and labelers. 
Ultra-high performance SACMI bottling lines for water and soft drinks – up to 81,000 bottles per hour – interface seamlessly with upstream and downstream solutions (e.g. filling), simplifying production, improving logistics and boosting overall plant efficiency.
An example: double cavity stretch-blow molders, an exclusive SACMI technology that lets producers mount a dual cavity mold, doubling output on small-medium formats. Blo2Fill, instead, combines stretch-blower and filler on a single platform, streamlining line management; cutting-edge design also makes it ready to process light preforms made entirely of rPET and users can set optimized recipes for low consumption.

Roll Fed Labelers 

Developed to match the high speeds of the bottling lines, SACMI labelers feature outstanding modular design, allowing efficient operation on multiple labeling technologies/systems. For example, SACMI Roll Fed solutions are widely appreciated for their ultra-high speeds.

Some of the models that use Roll-Fed technology are produced directly by SACMI Nanhai - but to European quality/technological standards - and are suitable for containers as large as 15 liters and applications up to 55,000 bph. Intended for the Chinese market, these models are also exported to India, Thailand, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.

SACMI labelers need no introduction: over 200 have been installed by leading Chinese manufacturers over the last 10 years. Only recently, SACMI supplied no less than 15 labelers to one of China’s main water and soft drinks players. Moreover, thanks to direct production in China, customers also have the guarantee of optimized lead times and exceptional technical assistance on the product.

Lifetime support

With SACMI, customer service doesn’t stop with the sale: it continues throughout the working life of the machine or plant. Firstly, thanks to a network of highly trained local technicians and a far-reaching original spare parts service. Secondly, thanks to new maintenance packages that let manufacturers quantify costs in advance and keep lines fully efficient at all times.

Last but not least, SACMI recently established the Packaging Center which offers - in synergy with the Italian parent company - a complete product development service, covering everything from preform and cap design to the finished bottle.

Join us at FBIF 2023 # Hall 20H.E34-1!

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