SACMI RobotCasting, new investment for GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia)

SACMI RobotCasting, new investment for GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia)

Point of reference in Italy and internationally for quality “Italian made” bathroom design and sanitaryware, the Viterbo-based company invests once more in SACMI pressure casting. 2 new AVM Casting machines for complex WCs recently installed.

With the supply of two SACMI RobotCasting cells, GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia) further consolidates its position in the industry for the production of high quality, top design ceramic sanitaryware.

Part of an ambitious investment plan in SACMI technology, the new supply includes two AVM casting machines and related demoulding robots, to expand the potential production capacity of the plant at Gallese (Viterbo), leading manufacturer in Italy and around the world, renowned for its quality “Italian madebathroom design and sanitaryware.

Performance, reliability, flexibility. With these three key concepts, SACMI’s AVM casting cell has won over the market on an international scale thanks to the advantages of the modular platform which makes the mould the central part of the process and gives the customer maximum freedom as regards control of automation and auxiliary equipment. The supply is a guarantee for GSI, which has invested in this technology since 2003.

With more than 250 AVMs installed throughout the globe, this solution has become the leading system for the production of complex WCs. The entire production cycle is carried out in stages which can be programmed to allow maximum customization of all the production variables, thus reducing product change-over times.

With this supply, there are now 12 SACMI high pressure casting machines in operation at GSI including, in addition to the AVMs, various ADM, ADS and AVI machines. Other than the SACMI RobotCasting solutions, the company has also invested in the automation of the handling-glazing line, already completed with SACMI technology in order to achieve 4.0 control of production flow and handling operations. 

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