Villeroy & Boch France; special glazing with SACMI RobotGlaze

Villeroy & Boch France; special glazing with SACMI RobotGlaze

SACMI has just supplied a new cell consisting of two glazing booths facing each other: a special configuration for maximum versatility to handle particular pieces when, for example, a double coat of glaze is to be applied for the top-of-the-range products in demand on the French market

The multi-national company Villeroy & Boch once again places its trust in SACMI solutions for the robotized glazing of sanitaryware. In this case, the most recent investment has been made for the Group’s French production plant based in Valence D’Agen in the region of Occitania.
The main part of the supply is an automatic 4-position carousel served by SACMI-Gaiotto’s  GA-OL robot equipped with software for the offline programming of glazing recipes.  The special feature of this solution is the set-up with two glazing booths placed opposite each other to allow for special applications such as a double coat of glaze applied on different products.  
This choice was made due to the special requirements of the production plant in Valence D’Agen where they make and glaze ceramic kitchen sinks and shower trays which are particularly popular on the French market. From this point of view, the configuration of the new line allows for maximum versatility of use thanks to the double Mass Control® channel. This allows for flexible handling of glazing operations and, in particular, of special glazing of different kinds of products and types of glaze.
As with all SACMI’s latest generation solutions, this system has been designed from the start for integration with the customer’s factory supervisor and is provided with all the auxiliary equipment necessary to guarantee maximum recovery and reuse of the raw materials. In particular, the cell is equipped with the dry filter system which, together with the optimized spray control, reduces glaze consumption and ensures full recovery of the overspray.

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