SACMI MVS Computer Vision & Digital Decorator (DMD) to play pivotal role at LatamCan 2022

SACMI MVS Computer Vision & Digital Decorator (DMD) to play pivotal role at LatamCan 2022

With the widest, most comprehensive metal packaging inspection range on the market and new digital decoration solutions, SACMI offers a powerful response to worldwide trends in the industry: all the latest to be showcased at the São Paulo conference in Brazil, from 11 to 13 May 2022.

Total quality control, yet also a need to manage just-in-time production - ideal for smaller batches and frequent size changes - in a way that maximizes profitability and effectiveness: these global trends within the metal packaging industry will soon be discussed at the LatamCan conference, scheduled to take place in São Paulo, Brazil, from 11 to 13 May 2022.
From coated or lithographed sheets to finished containers, SACMI has developed the most complete range of Computer Vision systems on the market. Vision systems are now indispensable on production lines, where they’ve completely replaced more traditional manual checks. Over time, they’ve been developed to provide exceptional performance in terms of speed, versatility and inspection capacity.

SACMI MVS, a vast range takes the industry towards AI
Comprising a wide range of solutions designed to match the specific product or process to be inspected, SACMI MVS (metal vision system) units feature increasingly powerful, high-performance Computer Vision software (CVS) that also incorporates AI and Deep Learning algorithms capable of interacting with workers, thus streamlining production management.
Visitors to LatamCan will have a great opportunity to learn more about the lithographed/coated sheet inspection solutions in the ECLIPSIM range. Metal sheets are used extensively throughout the packaging industry and with ECLIPSIM they can be inspected to an accuracy of about 0.1 mm (up to 0.15 mm/pixel on sheets as large as 1200x1200 mm). The machine is designed to keep pace with ultra-high coating line output rates by managing the variety of coats in terms of shades, reflectivity and color type; this is achieved thanks to clear image capture by an HD camera and the patented SACMI Chrometriq-Linear illuminator.

Lids & Cans
ULYSSE is an ‘all-in-one’ solution that differs from previous systems as it incorporates the electrical control panel and all relative cabling inside the imaging unit, ensuring greater compactness and user-friendliness. 
Several configurations are available: for inspection of lids and can-ends, quality control of twist-off caps and, lastly, a third version with RGB and ultraviolet capabilities to inspect the exposed side of easy-open lids.
Once again, the patented SACMI Chrometriq illuminator eliminates any distortion effects that might arise from shape, surface reflectiveness or any other factor capable of generating false rejects/passes.
Completing the range are the iCAN and iCANend solutions for inspecting, respectively, can interiors and metal lids; in addition to ultra-high precision inspection, these solutions let users manage a multi-line configuration (up to 4 independent lines in parallel).
Last but not least comes CONT-CHECK 360, a quality control solution for can decoration and seaming. With its CVS360 3D control software, the system uses proprietary algorithms to perfectly reproduce the three-dimensional object in two dimensions, compensating for any deformation that might be caused by perspective, optics or its spatial position.

DMD, the digital revolution in metal decoration
DMD (Digital Metal Decoration) is SACMI's response to smaller average production batches throughout various parts of the metal graphics industry. An ever-higher number of product codes and the need to perform frequent decoration changes - even on the same day - have greatly reduced the minimum efficient size of conventional lithography facilities.
The result of extensive SACMI TECH experience in digital decoration for the ceramic and packaging sectors, DMD was designed to decorate sheets from 500x700 to 1000x1200 mm. Alongside output rates of up to 2,400 sheets/hour, what makes this solution such a winner is that it can eliminate the format changeover time.
Modular and highly configurable, the machine is equipped with four color bars for four-color CMYK printing. Additional bars can be added to manage specific Pantone colors for certain digital coating applications, at resolutions that range from 400 to 1200 dpi.
Being able to carry out surface treatment on the line yields further advantages when DMD is installed alongside traditional decoration lines. On DMD, in fact, selective applications of coats-inks are also possible, while the reduced bulk (less than 25 meters overall) makes it easy to integrate into existing systems.
DMD can be managed by just one worker and also offers an effective solution on the sustainability front thanks to low levels of installed electrical power and zero scrap. What’s more, the heightened efficiency that stems from greater size changeover versatility is matched by savings on inks and dies.
Already presented at LatamCan 2021 in Mexico, SACMI DMD has been used successfully by a leading player in the industry for two years now, with in-the-field-performance matching expectations.

Come and see us at LatamCan 2022. For further info or any requests, don’t hesitate to contact the SACMI Computer Vision team.

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