Incepa (Roca Brasil Cerâmica), with the brands Incepa and Roca Cerâmica (Lamosa Group) goes for SACMI Digital Decoration & Glazing

Incepa (Roca Brasil Cerâmica), with the brands Incepa and Roca Cerâmica (Lamosa Group) goes for SACMI Digital Decoration & Glazing

Already in 2015, Incepa (Roca Brasil Cerâmica), with its brands Incepa and Roca Cerâmica (Lamosa Group) installed the first Continua+ on the American continent. With DDG, it now has a complete SACMI Deep Digital line, which revolutionizes product aesthetics thanks to the synchronized, combined application of glazes, glues, materials and effects. The result is the new Fusion (Mineral Lab) line, which won the Best in Show 2022 award at the Revestir fair.

Mineral Lab slabs, made on the SACMI Deep Digital plant, won the Best in Show Award at the Revestir 2022 fair as the best porcelain stoneware of the year. What put the Fusion line on the top of the podium at the international fair in Sao Paulo was its sheer innovation, which offers unparalleled aesthetic and texturing effects that “create extraordinary embossed coatings that give pieces a 3D look”.
This achievement follows the decision to incorporate Digital Decoration & Glazing (DDG) technology into the plant; DDG is an exclusive SACMI application for the creation of textured, glazed, digitally decorated products. The goal of the investment (completed in 2021) was to further expand and enhance the product portfolio by drawing on the unique potential of the SACMI Deep Digital approach to the digital glazing and decoration of slabs.
Installed at the Campo Largo headquarters in the state of Paranà, this investment joins the Continua+ plant - the first to be installed in the Americas - purchased by Incepa back in 2015. Over time, they’ve steadily added to the plant’s potential. Most recently, in 2020, they installed the SACMI DHD for the wet application of inks and effects; this solution, designed for the decoration of the new 1200x2500 mm slabs of one of their brand, Roca Cerâmica, allowed the company to make an all-round entry onto the large decorated ceramic slab market.
What makes the new DDG outstanding is its ability to extend ‘digital potential’ to the selective application of grits, glues and other dry and wet effects. Together with the other machines already integrated on Continua+, this lets the company take a full-on SACMI Deep Digital approach. The outcome? Well, first and foremost, being able to give free rein to creativity: this is achieved by synchronizing the graphics, starting with the controlled deposit of spray dried powder on the compaction belt. This smooths digital management of the process, accelerating development of new products with guaranteed consistency and repeatability.
Since the DDG can apply, in parallel and simultaneously, two dry raw materials, with additional bars for glazes, glues and effects, manufacturers can enjoy broader opportunities in terms of decorative versatility and three-dimensionality. More specifically, the DDG frees producers from the mechanical rigidity of traditional decoration processes, streamlining the management of complex, diversified production mixes with a high aesthetic content.
Incepa supplies products to both domestic and export markets, especially the United States. This latest addition to the plant provides further opportunities for growth at the high end of the market, as confirmed by the recent acquisition of a second Continua+ line, again equipped with SACMI Deep Digital technology, further strengthening the technological partnership between Sacmi and the Lamosa Group.

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