Betta Sanitaryware continues to invest in SACMI RobotCasting

Betta Sanitaryware continues to invest in SACMI RobotCasting

Four new AVMs recently installed, bringing the total number of SACMI high pressure casting machines at the Krugersdorp factory to 38. Continuing its drive towards total automation and 4.0 interconnection, the company keeps on growing with SACMI.

Betta Sanitaryware - the South African market leader with an annual output capacity of over 2 million pieces - has stepped up its investment in SACMI technology. In accordance with its long-standing strategy of selecting the best sanitaryware-making technology on the market, the company has again gone for SACMI RobotCasting, bringing the number of high pressure casting machines at the Krugersdorp facility to 38.
More specifically, the company recently installed four new AVMs, the market-leading SACMI solution for the manufacture of complex WCs. The robot-assisted casting station, characterised by ultra-high productivity, can manufacture complex items with moulds consisting of up to 7 parts. Considering a cycle time of about 25 minutes, the expected output increase is 240 pieces per day, with the plant producing a varied article mix.
Already vast, the Betta Sanitaryware catalogue has expanded even further in recent years following the installation of new SACMI-supplied casting solutions and an extensive pool of moulds and modelling tools. In addition to the AVMs, in fact, the factory has various AVE, ALS and AVM units, plus an AOM solution for one-piece manufacturing. This investment, then, seeks to further boost output capacity while maintaining the focus on ‘total’ automation, which extends downstream to the RobotGlaze solutions, again supplied by SACMI.
Note also the factory’s drive towards 4.0 performance. All installed machines - including the latest AVMs - are designed to be interconnected with the customer's internal supervisor, allowing implementation of cutting-edge order tracking and performance monitoring functions.

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