Mcp Ceramic doubles production with SACMI technology

Mcp Ceramic doubles production with SACMI technology

2nd project stage completed at the new plant in the region of Izmir (Turkey). Technologies to boost production in the body and glaze preparation department supplied alongside the new SACMI-Riedhammer tunnel kiln. Production to reach 750 thousand pieces/year.

With the key technologies of the new plant supplied by SACMI to Mcp Ceramic already up and running back in 2018, now production is being doubled to complete the Turkish company’s ambitious investment plan for its factory in the region of Izmir (Turkey).  
The target of this second stage is to bring production up to 750 thousand pieces by improving the output of the body and glaze preparation department, alongside the installation of a new SACMI-Riedhammer TWS tunnel kiln
Automation and production diversification are the main features of the new Mcp Ceramic plant which manufactures a wide mix of high-quality ceramic sanitaryware articles both in Vitreous China and Fine Fire Clay. To complete the investment SACMI has supplied, in particular, a MTD 340 drum mill with rubber linings and a volume of 34 m³ to double existing production.
Downstream of the mill, the supply also includes a TFP120 blunger, the solution for mixing the plastic material and slip. Installed on a 32 m³ tank, the SACMI blunger has double-speed drives to optimize and accelerate the work process. Following this, there are the two pairs of stirrers; ASP 225 and ASP 210 suitable for optimum handling of the different bodies Vitreous China and Fine Fire Clay respectively.
For body preparation, the supply is completed by a series of VLB 2000 vibrating screens with one screening net to eliminate impurities from the material immediately after blunging.  
The machinery for glaze preparation has also been upgraded to meet the new factory requirements with the installation of a MTD050 discontinuous mill, in this case with alumina lining, to ensure the purest possible glaze without contamination.   
Also being started up in this period, to meet the requirements of the increased production output (SACMI’s RobotCasting and RobotGlaze solutions have already been in operation since the first stage of the project) is the new SACMI-Riedhammer tunnel kiln; 93 metres long (plus 9m of pre-kiln), to work alongside the existing intermittent kiln.

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