SACMI Beverage at Hispack 2024: <br>where innovation meets sustainability

SACMI Beverage at Hispack 2024:
where innovation meets sustainability

SACMI Beverage, already a key player on the European market, will soon be an exhibitor at the 2024 edition of Hispack. A crucial fair for southern Europe, attendance here offers a great opportunity to get together and discuss topics related to packaging, the process and logistics. It will also allow SACMI Beverage to display its expertise as a key provider of complete, customized beverage packaging solutions.

More specifically, SACMI will be showcasing its range of modular labeling machines for the Beverage and HPC sectors, its Blo2Fill packaging technology (available in a range of configurations, also for XL formats) and an innovative Bag in Box system.

Modular labelers for all types of packaging

The SACMI range provides unrivalled flexibility and performance.

Designed to adapt to different sizes, shapes (cylindrical or shaped), materials (plastic, glass, metal), products (wine & beverage, food and HPC) and label types, SACMI modular labelers combine user-friendliness and ergonomics with maximum efficiency, ensuring exceptional performance, quality and design.

Blo2Fill XL: compact and efficient, also with large formats

The SACMI Blo2Fill XL, an all-in-one solution for stretch-blowing and filling large bottles (from 3 to 12 liters), offers outstanding compactness, versatility and efficiency.

It lets users perform fast format changeovers, minimizing downtime and therefore maximizing productivity. Ergonomic design means better accessibility and streamlines use and maintenance. This makes Blo2Fill XL ideal for companies looking to optimize production lines without compromising on quality. At the same time, it offers the flexibility manufacturers need to adapt to different operating conditions and product types.
A multi-layer bag inside a specially designed cardboard box.

SACMI Bag in Box: performance and sustainability

SACMI's Bag in Box (BIB) system highlights the company's attention to sustainability along the entire production chain and throughout the product life cycle.

Perfect for a wide variety of liquids, from beverages to food and HPC products, SACMI-developed BIB technology ensures optimal conservation of the contained product, significantly reduces environmental impact, optimizes logistics and reduces costs.
SACMI Beverage at HISPACK 2024, 7-10 May 2024, Gran Via – Barcelona, Pavilion 3, via B, stand 217

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