SACMI Ekosort Dinamica, the smart choice

SACMI Ekosort Dinamica, the smart choice

Fast and versatile for top-of-the-category performance across the entire size range plus dynamic, intelligent, adaptive management of production codes. Modular and scalable, Ekosort Dinamica can be ‘virtually’ pre-tested to optimize the set-up. Yet another technological step forwards for SACMI on the Smart Finishing & Logistics front.

Adaptive, efficient, faster and with flexible, dynamic management of sizes and production codes. SACMI presents the new Ekosort Dinamica: this evolution of the Ekosort tile and slab sorting system is part of a wider package that optimizes control of all end-of-line systems, from inspection to stacking, from packaging to palletizing.

Adaptive and high-performance

Ekosort Dinamica features independent carriages that pick the tiles on the fly, doing so safely and accurately for any surface or size and for thicknesses of up to 30 mm.
Carriage synchronisms, speed and organization are established by a central ‘brain’. This is designed to autonomously ensure there are no collisions with adjacent devices, thus streamlining sorting independently of inflows.
Thanks to digital synchronization of the carriages, which can be configured on the recipe, Ekosort Dinamica guarantees the best performance in the category across the entire size range.

The most versatile sorter on the market

These days, highly productive solutions that are also flexible when handling small lots or different product sizes are a must. To meet market needs, SACMI has responded with Ekosort Dinamica, which shortens changeover times even further.
On Ekosort Dinamica, digital control of the process makes changeovers fully automatic, maximizing stacking and sorting efficiency whatever the production scenario.
As product size varies, in fact, the machine automatically adapts the number of picking carriages to maintain safe, high-performance product picking (one picking carriage for small sizes, up to 4 for large slabs up to 120x280 cm).
Ekosort Dinamica is also equipped with mobile stackers. These move height-wise in a way that is synchronized with the creation of the stack (that is, step-by-step with a step equal to the product thickness). This minimizes the deposit stroke ‘s’, resulting in better product care and machine performance.

Modular and scalable

Overall dimensions, in line with those of the previous version, make it easy to incorporate Ekosort Dinamica on existing lines. The solution is also scalable, either at the time of the initial order or post-purchase: from the standard 6 carriages to 9 (to maximize speed and performance on small tiles) and from 9 to 17 stackers to increase, depending on requirements, the number of stacking-sorting options.
Further customer opportunities developed by SACMI include the ability to test the potential of the new Ekosort Dinamica with the Digital Twin: this simulator, co-developed with the SACMI Innovation Lab, lets users reproduce actual machine behaviour. By entering production data and sorting statistics it will, in essence, be possible to pre-assess the most suitable sizing set-up to optimize the investment.
Ekosort Dinamica is part of the SACMI Smart Finishing & Logistics range. In addition to sorting, the latter includes digital grinding, lapping and finishing lines and, downstream from the process, integrated solutions for warehouse and intralogistics management.

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