SACMI-VELOMAT: your strategic partner for assembly

SACMI-VELOMAT: your strategic partner for assembly

Turnkey plants for the high-speed assembly of ‘cap and spout’ solutions at the Innovation in Pouches conference on 23/24 April 2024, Barcelona, Spain #TABLE2.

The World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain, will soon be hosting the ‘Innovations in Pouches’ conference #TABLE2. This international forum focuses on flexible packaging developments, investigates trend-setting materials and highlights the latest performance and process-enhancing machine innovations.

It offers a unique opportunity to see SACMI’s range of assembly solutions and services first-hand: all thanks to Velomat, a Group company that designs and manufactures turnkey plants for the high-speed, high-volume assembly of caps and closures, micropumps an medical equipment.

The world’s leading designer of highly customized multi-component dispenser and closure assembly machines, Velomat supplies key global players in the beverage and beauty&home sectors and international converters with plants for the manufacture of plastic and metal caps. 

“We provide a range of cap assembly machines, from the more traditional (rotary index and linear index) to our flagship continuous-motion machines that deliver output rates as high as 1500 caps per minute. More recently, we’ve developed an innovative fully electronic platform, which combines ultra-high flexibility with lower Total Cost of Ownership for the customer”, states Riccardo Rubini, General Manager of Velomat and Director of SACMI’s Post Processing Business Unit.

“What’s more, thanks to synergy with the SACMI Computer Vision System BU, we can combine assembly and quality control on a single platform, thus improving the ‘One Stop Shop’ experience for our customers.”

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