Turkey, new SACMI warehouse inaugurated at Bozüyük

Turkey, new SACMI warehouse inaugurated at Bozüyük

Strategically located at the heart of one of the country’s biggest industrial districts, this latest facility provides 1500 m2 of warehouse space, 600 m2 of office space, and employs a 21-strong technical team. The goal: even more punctual, further-reaching services on a market that offers major growth prospects

SACMI has just inaugurated its new headquarters in Bozüyük, in the heart of one of the most important ceramic districts in Turkey. With a surface area of over 2000 m2, including 1500 m2 of warehousing capacity and 600 m2 of offices, this facility is located perfectly between the cities of Bilecik, Bozüyük, Kütahya, Eskisehir and Uşak, allowing SACMI to deliver better country-wide service and increase its visibility.

Second in Europe only to Spain and one of the world's top ten producers by volume, Turkey continues to be extremely dynamic in terms of the quantity and quality of completed projects. The move to the heart of the district (the previous warehouse was located 40 km away) will ensure further-reaching technical assistance, allowing us to provide fast, comprehensive support, directly on the customer’s site.

The 21-strong technical assistance and spare parts team at the new Bozüyük facility include warehouse operators and technicians who provide on-site assistance. This latest investment, observed the President of SACMI, Paolo Mongardi, “underscores SACMI's drive to strengthen its role as an all-round partner on this strategic market by establishing a modern facility equipped to provide customers with only the best”.

The Bozüyük warehouse is managed by SACMI Istanbul, which has handled all the SACMI Group businesses in Turkey since 1995. As has always been the case, the facility prioritizes the logistics chain to optimize services where customers have their main manufacturing operations. Further added value stems from the provision of in-the-field training and periodic plant monitoring, ensuring customers always get the very most from their investment in SACMI technologies and services.

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