6 new Bi-REX-funded collaborative innovation projects for SACMI

6 new Bi-REX-funded collaborative innovation projects for SACMI

Artificial Intelligence and environmental sustainability challenges are driving further technological and digital development

SACMI is again playing a pivotal role in 6 new Bi-REX projects, financed under the European Union PNRR (National Resilience and Recovery Plan) via the Next Generation EU program. Their goal: to promote, together with other partners, process digitalization. Leading these projects is BI-REX, one of the 8 national Competence Centers established by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the government's Industry 4.0 plan. The latter’s framework unites more than 60 partners that include universities, research centers and world-leading companies involved in digital transformation and technological innovation.

SACMI is proud to bring its technological expertise into play - in collaboration with other industrial partners, the University of Bologna, Cineca and other research centers - on the following projects: 

PowOps: SACMI is heading a project to remodel the manufacturing industry with cloud-native solutions

At the heart of the PowOps project lies the development of a cloud-native and software-as-a-service platform for the manufacturing sector. This platform aims to make developing industrial applications for production process management more agile and efficient, and make such applications secure, scalable and easily portable between Edge and Cloud environments. The ultimate goal? To shorten time to market, optimize data management, and support a broad range of applications with industry-adapted DevOps methodology. The project, in fact, aims to implement a DevOps methodology, tailored for different industries, by incorporating advanced machinery, interactive dashboards, preventive maintenance algorithms and mobile applications.

SACMI is leading the project in partnership with IPREL (a SACMI Group company), Bonfiglioli, Imola Informatica, Marposs, DataRiver and SECO.

iLuMinAS: with SACMI, Artificial Intelligence is remaking after-sales support

SACMI, which is heading the project, aims to create an assistance and ticketing support system that streamlines after-sales service and reduces workloads for requests relating to the most commonplace problems. The ability to combine multidisciplinary skills in order to develop a cutting-edge technological solution will be essential, as such a solution must field ground-breaking approaches to knowledge, documentation and ticketing management that exploit the power of AI.

SACMI is heading the project in partnership with MEP, CEFLA Finishing, SECO and LOGOS Group.

PLaaS+: IT and OT to transform traditional automation

The PLaaS+ (PLc as a Service) project aims to revolutionize the sector with a virtualization solution specifically designed for industrial control systems. The goal is to merge IT and OT to create more intelligent, flexible, resilient manufacturing systems.

The project partners are IMA, SACMI SC, Bonfiglioli, MEP, Siemens, Selcom and AreaProfessional.

MATRIX: Robotic Handling and Transport of liquids for high-performance industrial applications

The goal of the Matrix project is to develop and test innovative liquid container handling techniques that employ highly dynamic robots. Because of their intrinsic fluidity, liquids can be tricky to handle: for example, with automatic packaging it’s essential to minimize sloshing. The proposed technology therefore aims to control robot movements in a way that ensures liquid contents are handled effectively, thus boosting companies’ competitiveness by innovating production processes.

The partners involved in the project are IMA, SACMI, KINEMA and ATOP.

EVOCATION: Production process innovation through advanced monitoring

EVOCATION (an acronym for ‘innovative cost-effective sensors for monitoring diagnostic parameters and machinery load conditions’) is a Bonfiglioli-coordinated project that aims to improve production process efficiency/quality by applying monitoring, diagnostics and prediction techniques. However, the adoption of such methods is often hampered by cost and a lack of crucial information. To address these challenges, the project aims to use innovative cost-competitive sensors to monitor critical physical quantities, identify new applications for the sensors themselves and develop analysis methods that merge Artificial Intelligence, signal processing and physical modeling.

The partners involved in the project are Bonfiglioli, Poggipolini, SACMI and Velan.

QUEST: Quantification and reduction of the environmental impact of automated packaging processes thanks to LCA and Eco-design

The project focuses on building a systemic approach to improve life-cycle management practices for automatic wrapping and packaging machines, mainly from an environmental sustainability perspective. It considers the entire life-cycle of the machines, from design to decommissioning and disposal, and assimilates existing regulations and the provisions of regulatory bodies. An environmental impact evaluation method based on LCSA (Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment) will be developed and applied to several selected industrial undertakings.

The partners involved in the project are IMA, SACMI and Energynet.

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