Akij Bangladesh strengthens its position in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector with SACMI-Sama

Akij Bangladesh strengthens its position in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector with SACMI-Sama

New models presented at Ambiente 2024, the main European showcase of tableware design. Production output at the Trishal plant more than doubled thanks to new isostatic pressing, pressure casting and glazing solutions.

Akij Bangladesh brings production output up to 38 tons per day at its new tableware plant in Trishal, opened in 2022 with its technological partner SACMI-Sama. Alongside start-up of the second kiln, the new TRIPLEX cell is also being put into operation for glazing plates.   
Together with these developments, Akij also made an investment to double the number of isostatic pressure machines with the purchase of 2 new PHO 451 GREEN presses complete with OFM universal finishing machines for round and non-round pieces. In addition, the customer has purchased a third PCM 200 GREEN/D press for the pressure casting of large pieces – even up to 110 mm thickness – as well as special pieces. 
In this way, Akij’s range of products has been further expanded and is being presented at the most important trade fairs for the industry, such as Ambiente 2024. This was one of Akij’s principal objectives in order to strengthen its position in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, introducing 5 new plate models supplied by SACMI-Sama, to accompany its production expansion.
Alongside the development of the new models, the expansion of the casting department allows for improved flexibility to better follow market trends. As with the previous supply, the new solutions include all the necessary equipment to ensure high production output with a growing level of automation and versatility. This is achieved especially thanks to the universal finishing machine which serves the two PHO presses for the fettling, sponging and foot finishing operations, as well as subsequent automatic stacking of the pieces.    
The new supply is completed by the crane for mould changeover and the dust extraction system to keep the factory environment clean and healthy at all times. All the machines supplied are equipped with the remote service tool to ensure the customer receives support in real time direct from technicians at the German office.  For the new PCM 200 pressure casting solution, SACMI-Sama has also supplied the technological know-how for the construction of resin moulds.
Finally, special attention has been given to energy consumption: thanks to the GREEN equipment and the on-demand activation of the main press pump, energy consumption is reduced by at least 30% compared to traditional solutions.

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