Ceramica Cañuelas, quality and high volumes with SACMI

Ceramica Cañuelas, quality and high volumes with SACMI

Four new presses, a dryer and a kiln, the largest and most productive in Argentina. This renowned company, based in the Buenos Aires district, has taken plant engineering to the next level and set a productivity goal of 36,000 square meters per day

A renowned ceramic manufacturer based in Buenos Aires province, Argentina, Ceramica Cañuelas has now raised its plant engineering to a whole new level with SACMI. The new plant - which has been operational for several months now - is configured to produce up to 36,000 m2/day of the market’s most popular sizes.
SACMI supplied all the key machines. These included the four PH3950 presses complete with loading devices, the EM5 320 dryer, the pre-kiln buffer and the new Maestro FMS355 kiln, the most productive ever installed by SACMI in Argentina.
An ambitious strategy, as we’d expect from this customer: in just a decade Ceramica Cañuelas has reached the top of Argentina’s ceramic market by providing high-quality, beautifully designed products that offer meticulous attention to detail. “For us”, points out Luiz Pinto, Plant Director, “this is a far-sighted investment that aims to deliver the quality and productivity that have always been our hallmarks. The decision to install the SACMI kiln means we’ll be able to maintain ultra-high productivity; the initial firing tests have already yielded the desired results in terms of quality and efficiency”.
The main sizes, obtained with dry-ground bodies, range from 50x50 cm to 60x60 cm for flooring, yet also reflect to the customer’s recent decision to get into the 60x120 cm segment: close collaboration with SACMI's technical team provided them with all the necessary consultancy, especially as regards adaptation of the kiln.
There was also a sharp focus on consumption: the SACMI-supplied kiln is already set up for the installation of systems that convey retrieved heat to the dryer. Again, this highlights SACMI's strategy of integrating control of every stage of the ceramic production process in order to reduce the environmental footprint and boost plant productivity/profitability.

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