Flaminia invests in SACMI “multi-mould” casting automation

Flaminia invests in SACMI “multi-mould” casting automation

Already at the forefront of the 4.0 revolution in the Sanitaryware industry for some years, the Italian company Flaminia has once more chosen SACMI robotized casting with a new AVB machine just installed for the manufacture of WC bowls without rim. The result, thanks to the robot, is better quality and output as well as improved health & safety for operators.

Ceramica Flaminia has invested in more casting automation with SACMI solutions to produce modern wall-hung WC bowls without rim.  Leader on the “Made in Italy” sanitaryware market since 1955, Flaminia already started to implement the 4.0 revolution to all stages of production several years ago, thanks to SACMI technology, to reduce manual operations and increase quality and efficiency.  
In particular, a new AVB casting machine has recently been assembled and started up which can work with up to 4 moulds installed. The machine is equipped with a demoulding robot which deposits the pieces as soon as they are cast onto a motorized conveyor belt to be finished by an operator. From here the piece is then transferred to the FPV pre-dryer for ageing and then, once removed from the support, it is loaded onto the car.   
Thanks to its strategy for continuous innovation applied to all solutions, SACMI has equipped the robot with a latest-generation system for loading onto cars with forks, a convenient method for the automation of handling which reduces and simplifies movements to optimize all operations.  One of the various advantages of the system is that it is the first step towards the total automation of handling operations further downstream, especially for finishing and glazing.
In this way, with a steady focus on ensuring the environmental and social sustainability of production, Flaminia has invested in a solution to reduce manual operations whilst at the same time obtaining benefits in terms of quality and process repeatability (less risk of error, less waste), as well as operator health & safety.
Another distinctive feature of the recent supply is an innovative method for the handling of pieces with undercuts, basically this is an insert – inserted in the mould before casting – making it possible to produce these special shapes directly in the machine without having to stick on additional parts.

With the new SACMI AVB– a second machine is already planned – Flaminia demonstrates its capacity to reach a perfect balance between productivity and automation with a multi-mould machine. The result is the possibility to manage a large quantity of product codes on complex pieces in an efficient and repeatable way to achieve a production output at full capacity of  approx. 200 pieces per day.

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